Friday, February 28, 2014

Simply WOW!

I got home from a weird shift at work. Serving the public is ridiculous sometimes. We're servers, not SERVANTS!

Was going to blog but my back's been killing me all day and have a lot to do before work tomorrow. I just checked in on my blog and noticed  it has now had over 92,321 hits from ten different countries. Not that it's making me rich or making me any money at all,  but feels pretty good that almost a hundred thousand times people have read what I have written.

I had a bad day. Things just aren't going our way...yet. This getting old stuff isn't helping. Bad back, bum knee, bad shoulder...and my husband's not even a wife beater!

Car problems, as usual. Number one being I don't HAVE a car. Number two being the one my husband drives won't pass the emissions test so now he's driving on an expired tag.

I got depressed earlier thinking about it and so did he. That's all we need, a ticket for an expired tag!

Then I read the headlines. Then I watch the news about the Ukraine and even the idiot leader of North Korea. I think about the millions and millions starving in Africa. I think about tragedies like Sandy Hook here in my own country. I think about parents dealing with children who are dying from cancer or other incurable diseases.

Then I remember the fact I am depressed because we don't have a tag for our car or because my husband only has a part time job.

It almost takes my breath away. How ridiculous can I be?

Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses. Seemingly, I forgot to do that today.
Big Whup we have car issues and the hubs is only working part time. Do you know how many hundreds of millions would trade places with us in a heart beat and feel grateful to have the opportunity?

Obviously I am doing something right with my blog. Obviously people out there are either identifying with me or love reading about someone more unfortunate. Maybe they just like it because out of all we've been through and all we may have ahead of us, I manage to make light of it, and why not?

Never cry over spilled milk. It will just sour anyway.

Look for all the silver linings and be grateful for what you have not for what you want.

I needed a kick in the pants tonight and got it when a table of six women came into the restaurant whining about service when they were totally ridiculous about choosing a bottle of wine and berated a fellow server who is a single mother working seven days a week to make a better life for her son and herself.

One word..."Karma."

Watch out for it because HE has a mighty bite. I should have hugged my fellow server before I left tonight but know what that does when you are already flustered, it makes you cry and none of those women were worth her tears.

Got my head on straight now. I have little problems!

Til next time...COTTON

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