Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Another Productive Day

Yesterday we scrapped Zach's car. They go by weight so we loaded up everything made of iron or steel we could find. The old broken grill from the back yard, brake shoes a kid left in our garage when he used our driveway to replace his brakes, old patio chairs and anything else we could find. Today we hauled Massey's old car over. It cranked and made it as far as the top of the driveway before it clacked, clattered and sputtered it's last breath. Zach's buddy had a truck and a tow strap so they hauled it over to the salvage yard.

Our garage is cleaner than it has been in years. I'm somewhat of a hoarder, guess it comes from being audited by the IRS about twenty years ago. I had bank statements, bills and pretty much everything dating back to before Tim and I were even married. Not that we have any money but felt uneasy about throwing away so much personal information. Zach burned it all in the firepit in our back yard. I went through every box , every piece of paper and every envelope first just to be sure I wasn't getting rid of something we would need.

While the boys dragged Massey's car to it's final resting place I ran errands. Got some bills paid and bought transmission fluid, power steering fluid and oil for the Mercedes we're borrowing from my sister...gotta keep ole Bertha running smooth.

Went into work at three thirty. It was slow as Christmas until about six then they all came at once. Hey, at least they came!

I did great last night so was okay with having just an above average night. You gotta share the wealth. I waited on just three tables but walked with over eighty bucks. I am off Wednesday and Thursday but picked up a Thursday shift from another server so I should be okay. Around seven, Barb came up to me and said "Your buddy is at the bar." I knew immediately who she meant. I peered around the corner and saw him sitting there. The Rat Bast who fired me from the "Western Sizzler" where I worked like a dog for fourteen years...not that I hold a grudge. (well maybe I do) I've tried to get over detesting him so much but simply can't. I did feel some satisfaction when he got fired for something equally as stupid but still can't bring myself to speak to or even look him in the eye. What I really want to do is walk up and punch him in the face, but that won't solve any of the problems he caused either so instead make sure I have a pleasant look on my face at all times and act like I am having the time of my life while I run to and fro around the restaurant making sure to keep a wide perimeter.

What I want to do is go up and tell him how humiliating it was for me to not only have to file for unemployment for the first time in my life but file for food stamps and put my kids on medicaid as well. We almost lost our house and had to rely on the charity of others simply to survive. Pretty much I just want an apology but know I will never get one...hence the grudge and chip on my shoulder. I get over a lot of wrongs and forgive pretty easily but don't think that will ever apply in this case. Karma came back around, befriended me and should be satisfied with that. This healing process may take a while longer!

TJ and Zach start their new jobs tomorrow. They are having the soft opening for family and friends so I may go see what the new place is like. The menu looks good and the prices are reasonable.

On another note, I'm pretty ticked at Mr. Groundhog and his so-called abilities. Six more weeks of winter? "Inconceivable!"

I'm going out front tomorrow (now today) to clip my budding Pussy Willow tree. It's all popped out with the fuzzy buds and  make great vase decorations. After that, Old Man Winter can go away for all I care. I can't stand being cold,  can't stand the rain and can't stand not being able to work in the yard without a jacket.

It's time to get my Johnny Dear out of hibernation in the garage and start cutting grass again.

I miss my flip flops.

They are predicting snow again this weekend and hope for once they are wrong.

Til next time...COTTON

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