Monday, February 10, 2014

Here We Go Again

After the last weather debacle two weeks ago here in the deep south I'm not taking any chances. Forecasting not only snow but ice this time. I went into work tonight and it was a ghost town. Peeps here in Jaw-Ja take weather warnings very seriously. I got lucky and the owner cut everyone but me and managed to walk with eighty bucks, enough for groceries if we get stuck at home for a day or two.

Kroger shelves looked pretty lonely when I stopped by on the way home. No bananas, one loaf of bread left and no milk. Lucky for me I went by yesterday and bought milk. I don't want an ice storm but at least now am somewhat prepared.

Before I left for work this afternoon my sister came by my house to clock in for work. Her husband had replaced some Sheetrock on our kitchen ceiling and she came over to re mud and paint the patches. What I didn't know until I came home from work at eleven was that she also painted all the baseboards, doors, trim, window sills and even cleaned the old dried Gorilla Glue drip off my refrigerator from where I had tried to glue back on the freezer door handle Tim broke when hauling in the new fridge our neighbors gave us. I never read the bottle and didn't know it expanded like a fat lady. It had dripped down the front of my freezer and looked liked a long drip of infected snot, firmly glued  going nowhere and serving absolutely no purpose.

I came home from work with my groceries and walked into a kitchen that didn't look like mine. Gleaming white baseboards, all doors and frames sparkling. She even cleaned my microwave stand, an antique from my Maw In Law.

I have the greatest sister a person could ever have, and she's just getting started! She's coming back to paint over my outdated wall paper and paint my kitchen table too.

It couldn't have happened on a better day. Yesterday was quite depressing. I left work and stopped by the grocery store knowing about the forecast of inclement weather. My next door husband's son was in front of me in line at the check out. He asked me if we had gotten the tire situation fixed. What situation? He said Zach had called him earlier and asked if he could help with the tire. What tire?

I got home and found out Tim had a flat on his car we had just gotten out of the shop after sitting ready for a month while we whittled down the bill. Zach and TJ were gone to work (in Tim's car) and asked Tim if the boys went out to get in it and found the tire flat?

Here's the difference between Tim and me.

It had been in the shop because when Tim went for a job interview a few months ago, he couldn't find the driveway for the place and bumped over a curb to get into the parking lot. He unknowingly busted the oil pan and while driving back home blew a head gasket...hence the extended stay at the repair shop.

We've been scrambling to get money in the bank for the house note check we gave Hells Fargo on Friday. Every time I get home from work I give Tim my tip money and he goes to the credit union to deposit it. He went through the drive through to make another deposit and was looking down at his receipt when he hit a curb and the tire blew.

Had it been me who had blown the head gasket, then finally paid off the repair and hit a curb blowing out the tire without him knowing would have most certainly said "Yep, they went out to get in the car for work and the tire was flat...go figure!"

Here's the kind of man I'm married to. He told me straight out what happened and apologized for it.

That's what keeps me keeping on.

 I'm in good hands. I have a husband obviously more honest than me. God has my back and belong to a family anyone should be jealous to be a part of. My kitchen looks great, thanks to my sister and Bro N Law. I got some groceries in case the weather gets ugly. I work a double shift tomorrow and if the tipping gods smile on me will make enough to cover the house note.

Even better, my day off is Wednesday when the weather is supposed to be really bad.

You have to measure your life. Things may seem bad but you have to look for the brighter spots.

I have a lot of bright spots in my life. If I had to name them all it would be a very long list.

Just hoping the bad weather holds off until I get off work Tuesday night. Working til nine then have to pick up Zach and TJ from their jobs. At least they both work at the same place.

I already have my inclement weather day off planned. Cooking, cleaning and just enjoying being home.

Til next time...CRAZY COTTON


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