Sunday, February 23, 2014

It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This

Worked the brunch shift. Got off around three thirty. Tim and all three kids came up to eat with me at work. TJ picked up the tab and gave me a big phat tip.

Went home to change clothes and my sis picked me and Massey up. We went to see "American Hustle". It reminded me of a Quentin Tarantino movie, one you need to see more than once to get it all. I came away with mixed emotions. Number one, all politicians are crooks and number two, sometimes the bad guys win.

On the up side, I could look at Bradley Cooper all day and Jennifer Lawrence played her part perfectly. Amy Adams made me realize little boobies can be sexy and I was lucky to survive the late seventies.

Girls day...just Massey, Cin and me. After the movie (which I highly recommend) we drove her back to her dorm in downtown ATL. I broke down and paid for parking so Cin could go up and see her dorm room. We toted up all the stuff she was bringing back with her. We stopped at the front door after Massey buzzed us in with her ID card. I told my sister to have her license with have to leave it at the front desk and put on a wrist band to go up the elevators. We walked in and the girl behind the counter said "Massey! I've missed you this weekend." Massey introduced us, to her R.A who was currently working the desk and were all given the green light to go on up. I appreciate the security but appreciate more that they all know and trust my girl.

We were all toting stuff. I had bought more Girl Scout cookies than a person should but knew they would be well appreciated in a dorm. We got on the elevator to go up to the fifth floor when a guy got on with a pizza box. I joked about him bringing us a pizza when he spied the box of Girl Scout cookies. He seemed to be salivating by the time we reached the fifth floor after asking me if that was a box of Girl Scout cookies?. We went to Massey's room and almost immediately peeps started knocking on the door. Every girl that came in mentioned the Girl Scout cookies. Looks like I made a good call on over buying from my friend at work.

We all chatted for a few minutes then Cin and I left. I hugged and kissed my girl. I asked her if she had everything she needed and she said she would be fine.

As the dorm room closed and my sister and I walked down the hall, my eyes teared up, my throat seemed so dry I could barely speak. Words can't express how thrilled I am for Massey having this college experience. She has met and made so many new friends. She has decided on a major. She has set a goal and is excited to reach it.

She told me and my sister on the way back to her dorm tonight that Ga. State pays tuition for  peeps over the age of sixty five.

Eleven more years and I'll be there! Cin and I will room together. We'll have to constantly say "It's just a haircut" but will be rocking  it! I'm thinking of a journalism degree. I can't speak for my pseudo lesbian room mate  but know we will be OWNING that dorm. Deuces, shout out, and all that other cool junk kids say now.

Cin and I were talking on the way back to the car. I am so happy Massey has chosen this path. She stepped up, got a job and is working her way through school. College isn't for every one. No shame there but Massey wants this and I want this for her.

My sister almost got us killed us getting back on the downtown connector but dang she's a zippy little driver!

After a week, my back finally feels better. After a week my husband has the opportunity we have been waiting on. After a week, my girl came for  visit and it was a great one. She saw her older brother after over a year and all spent some quality time together.

Hoping for great news this week. My husband  is way over due for some good news.

Life goes on, you just have to roll with it.

Til next time, COTTON

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