Friday, February 21, 2014

Squeezing In Another

So the girl is almost here. Tim went to pick her up after he got off from his part time gig. All the Lost Boys are either at work or out. It's just me and the pups. Work was slow but lucky me, had three tables who requested me and walked out with a fist full of dollars.  I only had one day off this week but have the house in pretty decent shape. I can't wait to see my girl and can't wait for her to see our new kitchen.

All the laundry is caught up, the Lost Boys cleaned their rooms and the kitchen is clean and stocked. Kinda bummed. She leaves on Sunday morning and I have to work Saturday at three and Sunday at ten thirty but we'll squeeze in what time we can.

We're going to the movies together early on Saturday before work and hopefully she can come have brunch with me at work on Sunday before going back.

She's made me proud. She's doing great at school, has a part time job and earns all her own spending money.
 This will be the first time she has seen her oldest brother since he got back from the land down under. It will be a weekend of reunions.

Tim had an interview today for a job here in our county. Close to home, a company which promotes from within and I feel pretty good about it. This may be the answer to our prayers. We're hanging on by a thread and even that's getting bare but if this pans out it will be a greatest blessing.

Girl just got home! Time to go, will blog about it all later.

Til next time...COTTON

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