Thursday, February 13, 2014

I Must Have Been a Housewife in a Former Life

So we had another blast of winter here in the deep south. Both storms just happened to fall on the two days I was off from work so I didn't feel guilty about missing work and got to stay in PJ's for two days. I slept when I wanted to and got up when I wanted to. I got closets cleaned out, bathrooms scrubbed and rooms vacuumed. I cooked two meals every day  and caught up all the laundry. I ate a half gallon of chocolate ice cream...the list could go on and on.

This last storm was a bit scarier, more ice than snow. Ice is not Nice. We never lost power but many of my friends and family did. We would have been super screwed. We didn't have one stick of fire wood and just two taper candles. I had one flashlight with old batteries and our house is cold and drafty even when the heat is on.

God looked out for us and kept our power on and I am extremely grateful.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day or as we call it in the service industry, Amateur Night. Peeps who normally never go out to eat are forced to and the ones who suffer are servers. They HAVE to pay their tab but aren't obligated to leave a tip. I'm working from open til close and just pray I get lucky. I'm just hoping for quantity vs. quality, or maybe a nice mix of both.

These past few days here at home have been wonderful except for the worry about losing power. I think I was born to be a house wife or maybe a house wife who works two or three days a week. I got so many things done that I normally ignore when working full time. When you work full time you're at home a lot less and tend to overlook things like dusting, vacuuming or putting up clean laundry.

 The laundry will get washed but the first person who washes a load  rarely gets it out of the washer immediately so when the next person comes along to wash their load will either pull the wash out and throw it wet in a basket (the men) especially if there are still clothes in the dryer. If they feel generous or need their clothes immediately they will pull the dry clothes out into a basket and stick their stuff in. Then the clean dry clothes sit wadded up in a basket until someone comes looking for them or get mistaken for dirty clothes and have more dirty clothes piled on top of them, hence starting the cycle over again. Everyone here is old enough to do their own laundry but it's a nightmare. Do they check the water level? Do they clean the dryer vent out? Not always...and sometimes. I know when they clean the dryer vent out because they leave the lint ball on top of the dryer. That waste basket four feet away is just too far to aim for.

Yes they load the dishwasher but do they start it when it's full as a sardine can?  That would be a NO. They also load it with plates facing backwards and plastic cups on the bottom rack which melt. I guess they figure that's less to unload when it's their turn. I will give them kudos on unloading. This is most probably because I always say "If you'll unload the dishwasher I can get dinner started." Works every time!

As long as I'm picking on them, do they brush their teeth with their eyes closed or really not notice that huge glob of toothpaste left in the sink when they spit to rinse? Don't even get me started on the way they squeeze the tube. Is it supposed to be a show of strength?

When you work five or six days a week these things really get under your skin. When you have two days off in a row you feel relaxed enough to nicely ask for help instead of barking out orders as you dash out the door for work with zero minutes to spare. Granted I'm pretty good at giving orders but you catch a lot more flies with honey than vinegar.

Today I cleaned the entire master bedroom, closet and all. Sheets and comforter washed, furniture and bookcases cleaned with Murphy's Oil  Soap and cleaned my makeup table. I even matched the entire (huge) sock basket and threw away ones who have been missing mates for as long as I can remember. I cleaned all the pictures on the walls and cleaned the master bath.

My sweet sister is coming to paint my kitchen on Saturday and I'm pretty pumped. She's already painted the baseboards, window sills and ceiling. Walls are going to be really cozy looking shade of blue called "Poolhouse". I'm going to take before and after pics just to let you all see what amazing work she does.

One more snow storm and I'll have this house kinda sorta in almost halfway tip top shape!

 Here's the thing about housework, the more you get done the more you WANT to do, especially when you have time to sit and enjoy the results.

Guess all my enjoyment is done til next week or next storm. Working all weekend. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful to have my job but was sure nice to have a two day staycation at home.

 Bonus points... bet I gained five pounds too!

Happy Amateur Day to you all.

Til next time CUPID COTTON

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