Saturday, February 15, 2014

I Really Got Lucky In The Sibs Department

 My sister will kill me when she sees this pic of her but at least it is from far away. Anyone who knows her knows what a true beauty she is, inside AND out. She came over last week with her hubs and fixed a leak in our master bath shower that had been leaking for years and caused a huge wet spot on the ceiling in our kitchen. Then my sis repainted the entire ceiling after the leak was fixed and ceiling patched. She painted all the baseboards, trim and even the doors.
 Today she came over after Zach took everything off the walls and the top of the cabinets and painted my entire kitchen for me. The wall paper was okay when we moved in almost eighteen years ago but is too busy looking and made my already tiny kitchen look even smaller.

This is the way it looked this afternoon when I left for work. Everything was piled on the kitchen table and the tiny room was a wreck in preparation for painting. My sister retired from Delta a few years back and has taken up painting. She does interior and exterior. She strips wallpaper and refinishes cabinets. The woman is amazing...and doesn't even tape or use a drop cloth! My three pups were thrilled to see their Aunt Cin. We kept Ziggy and Charlie out back while she painted but they could see her through the glass back door and rarely moved from it. We let ole Ham stay inside. Blind as a bat and moves so cautiously it breaks your heart.He meandered into the kitchen once to sniff out Cindy but after running head on into her ladder decided he'd just lay in the dining room. Cindy (a pup lover like us) moved her ladder and worked on the other side of the room first so he could meander back in to visit. I know my OCD sister. She spent more time cleaning than painting. The top of my drop down cabinets are clean enough to eat off of. Maybe I should get a couple of monkeys too, they could just live and scamper around  up there!

My sister is the most fantastic giving person I have ever met, except that I have an equally fantastic brother as well. He's currently helping us on the Massey end of things with college and delighted to say she isn't letting us down either, making good grades and even got a job on campus to help pay expenses.

Last week I got so bummed out. Things weren't looking good around here, Tim still hasn't found a steady job but is working part time five days a week. We were a bit short (understatement) on the house note and all the snow and ice didn't help. My boss floated me a loan (I call them the Drysdales) and even with tipping gods smiling on me came up a little short. My sis loaned me a bit and we made it! Today when she came over to paint I had the money to pay her back thanks to a great Valentine's shift It made me feel a little better about her completely re doing my kitchen.

I went into work at four and got my tiny booty thoroughly beat. Balls to the walls busy. I was already overwhelmed when Barb asked me to pick up two tables in the bar area. What am I gonna say, she helped us make our house note? It took me over an hour and having to ask for help from other servers before regaining any sense of composure or time. I left work after giving the Drysdale's a hefty payment on my loan and still came home with enough money to pay the garbage company who refused to pick up our refuse last week for non payment (I just took it all to work and threw it in the dumpster) and even have enough left to put gas in the cars to eek us through another week. How sad am I ? Pretty sad...until I walked in the garage door of my house and saw my new kitchen when I got home from work.
I'm not sure why I am this lucky but not even going to question it, just LOVE IT! The wall paper was gone, a soothing blue had taken it's place and the kitchen looked huge! Not only had she painted the entire room, she cleaned up all the mess on the kitchen table and had the room put back together for me so when I walked in had the full effect of a fabulous new kitchen.
So this is my brand new kitchen, with my new used refrigerator our neighbors gave us. I was blown away! It looks so clean and open.
She's not through yet! She wants to paint our kitchen table (she gave us years ago) black and the chairs in an accent color, maybe red or green.

So once again, here's the deal. I'm one lucky woman. I'm one lucky wife. I'm a lucky mom. I'm a lucky sister. I'm the luckiest broke as a joke person you'd ever want to meet or be. Millions and millions around this planet would and have died to be as lucky as us.

"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple"  (Dr. Seuss)

Can't wait to get home from my day shift on Sunday and play in my new kitchen!

Til next time...COTTON

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