Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Another Awesome Day

This was my first day off in over a week. I'm doing much better. I used to work week after week after week but after seven years  that got old and made me even older.

We're broke but we're a happy broke. "Broke" isn't behind but means you are making ends meet and just don't have savings. I can live with that. (for now)

Here I am sitting at my desk at Harris Street School. I remember that dress, I remember that watch and am embarrassed by those bangs. Guess I don't need to tell you I was one hot mama in elementary school! (not)

I'm not even a hot mama NOW but at least I'm still kicking, laughing and loving life.

Massey  took me down to the court house today to get a copy of my birth certificate. We walked into the office and there was a sign taped onto the back of a computer monitor which read "Please don't stand in front of this computer." I immediately walked over and stood directly in front of it, at attention. Massey rolled her eyes and shook her head but the lady behind the desk started laughing. I told her my daughter didn't  think I'm funny but know I am. She looked at Massey  and said "Well your mom made ME laugh!" She told me to give her five minutes and she would give me a copy of my birth certificate. I told her I would wait right in front of the computer I was supposed to stay  away from. She looked over her shoulder  when she walked away and said "Or feel free to sit in the chair that is marked PLEASE DO NOT SIT HERE"

Now I've learned they also want a copy of my marriage license to re issue me a driving permit. Looks like I'll be driving illegally for a few days. Oh. wait a minute! I don't even HAVE a car so I guess  there's no rush there.

Came home and Zach wanted me to watch the latest Batman movie with him. I didn't want to,  but Zach seldom wants to spend time with me so I agreed. It confused me more than General Hospital which is  totally out of control, even for a Soap. Batman wasn't even in it for three fourth's of  the movie and made me think that's why James Holmes went crazy and shot up the theatre in Colorado last summer.

I woke up  this morning, the day of my birth. Around three thirty the rain started pounding and only two of the dogs were  around me. Ziggy was hidden away on a couch in the living room but as an animal lover I woke up worried and lucky for Ziggy,  always get up pee about that time. All three dogs were there and  went back  to my sweat soaked slumber.

Massey  woke me up  with breakfast in bed, and I loved it. I  pittled away  the morning listening  to God water my sod and watched  the news.

 I got out of the bed around three (my present to myself) and Massey and I headed off to meet some FB friends in Fayetteville.  They were loaning me the first two seasons of Game of Thrones.

We met and hugged. We talked for almost a hour and we left. I was all giddy about going home and watching. Massey and I stopped at  the store, went home and I made a spectacular meal while Massey  got the DVD's ready.

I guess there is a new thing called  Blue Ray videos and my ole big tube TV's don't read them.

I googled a fix and there wasn't one but at least  we had a great meal.

Then out of the blue (pun) my new friends asked for my address  and ordered  the first season to be delivered to my house for my birthday!

I had a terrific birthday. I am a person blessed beyond  belief. Waking up tomorrow and doing it again.

Til next time, an even older COTTON

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