Saturday, July 13, 2013

Almost Done...For This Week!

Woke  up  this morning  sore literally from head to toe. Did yard work from one to four yesterday and clocked in at the restaurant by five. Got off right before midnight, blogged and hit the hay. Woke up stiff as a board. Tim made me pancakes for breakfast and rubbed my shoulders and legs for me. My calves were killing me from toting Mr. Weed Eater around the front of the subdivision and toting plates of food all night.

I clocked in at  the furniture store before noon and believe it or not was selling like a boss again. I sold and moved out a bunk bed, full size mattress, a nice accent chair, three piece sectional and ottoman and a queen size bed in under three hours. Had a lady come back today  who was in on Thursday. She is interested in buying a bedroom suit selling for $1,100. She brought her mom back with her today and I sat and chatted with them for over thirty minutes.  I now know where they all grew up, where they landed, how many kids they had and what the parents did for a living. You  "Gotsa" get to know your customers and that is one thing I'm good at...talking! I am pretty  sure they will come back and buy the suit.

The lady I sold the bunk bed to was another chat session.  Once we started talking found out we had friends and problems in common.  Her husband had also been out of work. She had recently been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I have a relative and a dear friend suffering from the same. She mentioned she worked in veterinary medicine and I immediately brought up my blind pup, Ham. I told her his story and she recommended a specialist near us. I told her one of my FB friends mentioned the same one. Come to find out she works with my FB friend! I'm calling them Monday to get another ball rolling for my boy!

Came home from work and had to drive myself to the front of the subdivision (a five house walk) with the weed eater in the trunk to finish the front. Got through in about twenty minutes and drove  the five hundred feet back to our house. Yes I am getting old!

This next part would totally gross Massey out but is just a fact of life when you work on your feet for a living. The dreaded corns have come back on each of my pinkie toes and are bigger  than the nails they surround. If you've never had a corn on your pinkie toe, pray you never do. All it takes is a slight touch to make you double over in pain. I always mean to pick up a pack of corn removers when I am at the store but never remember. I took matters in my own hand today. I got out my big toe nail clippers and hacked  away at them. I cut them out and sanded my little foot digits. It was like heaven when I put my shoes back on. How sad is it when getting rid of corns on pinkie toes makes you happy?

It's tough getting older as a woman. Your body starts falling apart, hair starts sprouting from places  it never grew before and sometimes you wet your pants when you sneeze.  It's hell to bend over and crouch, and more excruciating to stand back up...especially when having to stand back up lifting one end of a couch.

I'm still twenty in my mind though and that's the most important thing to me. I'm too skinny but strong as a bull. I am determined and extremely strong willed. Most important of all I am loved by my family and friends. I am surrounded by love and in my mind is a wonderful place to be.

Took thirty minutes out of my night and watched the Tripp Halstead video of his new home. That made my night. This family has been nothing but positive from the beginning. Good things happen  to good people and pray this new home helps ease the huge battle they are destined but determined to fight.

So as I sit here typing I hear from Massey that George Zimmerman was found innocent. I have a son who wasn't an angel. He made some bad decisions and hung with the wrong crowd. Granted he made wrong decisions but so did George. The police told him to stay in his car and not confront. He took it upon himself (armed)  and ended up killing a seventeen year old (unarmed) kid just walking to his Dad's house. So he's innocent? How did George know this kid had made mistakes in the past? He didn't. Yet he most certainly has taken away any chance of this kid doing just what my son has done, turn his life around and make a momma proud.

Shout out to best be on patrol looking out for Karma now because it's a bitch and  always comes back around. Even my right wing husband agrees with me on this one!

Til next time...COTTON

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