Sunday, July 7, 2013

First I Would Like to Thank the Academy...

First I would like to thank the academy...Academy Sports that is! This picture was taken on the fourth when I first started laying the sod scraps the landscaper gave me.

This is two days and five loads later. Already greening up with all the rain we've had and hopefully taking root.
I went back again today for load eight and nine and had enough to patch two more bare spots. I had to crawl into the dumpster this time but was well worth it. I had to move around a few boards and empty planter buckets but I dug out all I could. On the last load I noticed the security guy in back of Academy Sports standing by  the back door so I moseyed over and told him the landscaper said I could raid the dumpster for sod. I think his comment was "Knock yourself out" so I did!

I finished patching three more bare spots between our house and my next door husband's and my front yard is totally covered! The hill between the trees used to be red clay too but sodded them a few years back with scraps from another landscaper. Now my yard is completely covered with sod...well it will be as soon as it all spreads out.

The bartender at work was laughing at me when I told her my "Sod Story." She said she was at Home Depot the other day when they were laying the sod and noticed all the piles of scrap. She said "Only you  would think to ask for it."

Dang Skippy! You never know til you  ask. The worst  they can say is no and lucky for me they didn't.

I have new respect  for landscapers, my back and legs are killing me but it was so worth every bit of effort.

Making Zach his birthday dinner albeit a day late. Fresh collard greens, black eyed peas with bacon and jalapenos, rice, chow chow and corn muffins.

He's feeling poorly today. Turning twenty one  takes a toll on a boy, especially when you start your day at the Sweet Water brewery  and end up at Texas Roadhouse. At least he was smart and had designated drivers.  Needless to say he slept on the floor of his bathroom by the ceramic throne, surrounded by pups. He was home before midnight and I was grateful for that.

I made it through  another work week and am grateful as well.

Tim has a couple of interviews this week and some good prospects. He's really helped out around here and turns out he's a pretty good house husband.

Massey's still in Destin, which means I still have a car to use...that's another win/win. Getting her back up here is another story  but we'll cross  that bridge when we get to it.

My  tennis shoes  I bought used from a friend seven years ago were in pitiful  shape and killed my feet. After picking up my last load of sod I stopped by  Wal Mart and got a pair of Dr. Scholl's tennis shoes marked down to $13. They are the most comfortable tennis shoes I've ever put on! I swung by  the little boys dept and got a pair of boys size 12 black shorts for work too, under ten bucks! There's some good benefits about being skinny.

Dinner is ready and it's not even dark yet...another plus.

We're not poor, we're not rich.  We are quite simply blessed beyond belief. God always has our back and family, friends and even strangers have helped us along.

I took  a meal of left overs to a friend last week. First time I have ever been to her house. She lost her husband recently and suffers from physical disabilities. When I drove up she was out in her drive way on her walker waiting for me. You  would have thought I brought her  dinner from the Ritz Carlton.  Heck it was just left overs from the Cotton Compound but we sat and talked for a few minutes. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes to make someone's day. The hug she gave me when I left was long , tight and telling. I had made her day, which in turn made mine! It's all about being grateful  for what you have and taking time to share it with others.

Hope my friend likes collard greens, black eyed peas,  rice , chow chow and corn bread because she's having another plate delivered tomorrow! (Shout out to Connie)

Life is described by Webster's in many ways. My favorite is: "The physical, mental, and spiritual experiences that constitute existence. Human relationships or activity in general: real life."

We're living a real life around these parts. We've been knocked down and we've also been held up. The thing a lot of (most) people don't understand is that when you have been helped it is instantly time to help others. God is my King but Karma is His sidekick.

Live your life  and help others. It may be something as small as a phone call. It may be something as tiny as a smile or hug. It may even be a huge gesture (Thanks Tom)  Just make that gesture, just make that difference, just make someone's day. If you do I  guarantee you will be blessed beyond your wildest dreams. What goes  around comes around . I'm almost dizzy  from  it!

Til next  time...COTTON


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