Monday, July 8, 2013

I Love Mondays!

The good thing about having only one day off a week is you  really learn to appreciate and make the most of it. Today was no exception. Zach took me to lunch at  Mother's Kitchen, which is  always a treat. I dropped him off to pick up his car that's been sitting at his friend's house since his birthday and ran a few errands. I came home and walked into  the house hearing  the vacuum running and thought either Tim had lost his mind or  a cleaning service had the wrong address. I stepped into the hall and discovered my next door husband in our tiny laundry room with crap flying out of our formerly clogged dryer vent smacking him in the face. He turned, saw me and immediately hollered, "Tell Tim to cut it off!" I ran out the back kitchen door where Tim crouched by  the outside dryer vent with our leaf blower stuck in the pipe.

Guess they solved  the dryer vent problem!

Poor Ron was covered with wet dirty lint crap but on  the  upside my dryer vent was free and clear! After trying two different snakes going from outside in and inside to out, they brought over Ron's air compressor and  tried blowing from inside out and outside in. Then they got a pool que and taped a  stick onto the end of the que , then taped a screw onto the end of the stick. Then while Ron  was on the inside peering into the clogged vent, Tim was on  the outside of the house with our leaf blower when crap literally hit the fan...or at  least the leaf blower, then my next door husband's face.

They moved my new dryer into the laundry room, hooked it up and my neighbor went home to most probably look for house listings far away  from  anyone with the last name Cotton. He has been so wonderful  to us. He's fixed every one of our cars at  least once, fixed our oven, fixed our dishwasher, our dryer twice before and helps out whenever I get the balls to call him again.

Feeling so blessed once again I had to pay something forward so I took one of my blog readers leftovers from last night's dinner. Sat and chatted with her a bit,  went by  the grocery store and bought groceries for the week and went back home.

The minute I walked in, Zach said "The new dryer works GREAT!" He also added maybe we should have started to worry  about the old dryer when it started taking three hours to dry one one load.

I got worried  about the last load of sod I put down yesterday. It hadn't rained yet today and was starting to brown so I dragged the hose from the back of the house to the front yard and was pleased to see dark angry clouds rolling in from the west. I dragged the hose back around just as the heavens opened up and watered my precious "Free Ninety Nine" sod.

Came inside and made an excellent dinner. Fried flounder, cole slaw, hush puppies and french fries. I need some fat food and it was truly yummy.

My new dryer just beeped behind me so I'm folding one more load and calling it a night.

I live the most fantastical, unbelievably  redunkulous life. Okay, so I made up one of the words  but  all really fit the description of my life. It's crazy,  it's complicated but somehow it always works out.

That's what happens when you  are an optimist and a believer. When chatting with my friend today while dropping off  a plate of food, she said I needed to contact the local paper to see if they wanted me to write a weekly column. You know what... how hard would it be to simply send them a link to my blog and let it sell itself? If  they like it, great for me. If they don't, no harm done.

Thanks, Connie for urging me on!

Another positive day...a girl could get used to this!

Til next  time...COTTON

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