Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's Bad When Hot Flashes Cool You Down

Went into work today knowing I had at least two customers coming to pick up merchandise. When I saw the first truck pull up I went to the back and switched on the A/C which I rarely use. First load out was a recliner. I've gotten all handy dandy with the system. You tilt the piece of furniture up and roll the dolly under it with your foot. Then after making sure it is in the center of the piece, set it down and away you  go!  Thankfully, two men came to pick up the recliner so all I had to do was go into  the back where it feels like Afghanistan and tilt, let down and roll. They were really nice guys and took over as soon as I came out of the stock room with their chair. I think my pit stains helped!

Second out  was a woman picking up her writing table and chair. Dangit...she was already on a walker so I immediately felt sorry  for her and told her to go into the now cooled  down showroom and kick back in a recliner while I wrestled her furniture in to the back of her SUV. Thirty minutes later I was covered with sweat but both pieces were wrapped and  loaded into her vehicle, so I went back inside and gently woke her up from her nap. She was a really sweet woman, I didn't mind doing it for her one bit and she was extremely grateful. Trust me, she'll come back and buy from me again. We're BFFL's now.

Had a break, no one was in the store so I took my shirt off and stood in front of three fans on high and cooled down to hot flash status. It felt wonderful.

I usually have a rush of peeps when I first open. They seem like people who are always first ones to a yard sale on Saturday morning. Tim makes me breakfast every morning before I go to work and take it with me. After the initial rush, things settle down.  I nuke my breakfast and have some time to read.

Then I have the lunch crowd who go through a drive through and still have twenty minutes to kill. Then we had  a major rain storm so I got to read for another thirty minutes. I'm hooked on the Game of Thrones series and eagerly reading, waiting on that bee-otch, Cersei to "Get Hers!"

The rain cooled things down a bit and then  had my late afternoon rush. A woman from  this morning came back to buy a  mattress and box springs. I went to the back while her hubby  pulled his truck around to the pick up door and loaded the mattress and box springs. I'm getting pretty good at  this! When I rolled them out he asked  if I had loaded them and replied, "I'm skinny but I'm strong."

Guess  they took my words to heart because the wife just stood by  while I helped the husband wrestle box springs and a mattress into the back of his truck.

Sold a set of bed rails later and chatted up a woman I think may come back and make a major purchase from me.

Came home sweating like a hog but feeling pretty good. Dinner was ready in the crock pot and all I have to do is wash a crock pot after putting leftovers in Tupperware.

I have more than three friends who right now are in dire need of prayers. Yes we're broke around here but broke doesn't kill you...some things can, do and have.

All you folks stay strong and know this Cotton Ball of energy is sending up prayers on your behalf. He's answered tons of my prayers and actually we're BFFL's too so no worries!

One more day at the furniture gig tomorrow and back to the restaurant gig  on Friday.

At least I HAVE gigs!

Feeling sweaty,  tired but blessed . My nails are filthy from loading furniture, my feet are stinking from having to run out in a rain storm to roll up the windows of Massey's car when I  left them cracked and had on my Danskos with  no socks but I'm  home...some people would feel blessed just to HAVE a home.

I'm putting up a yummy dinner that will feed us again tomorrow, we are all healthy and lucky for me hopefully I will wake up and do it all again tomorrow.

I love my life. It ain't easy but it sure is satisfying and lots of fun to write about!

Til next  time...COTTON

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