Monday, July 29, 2013

The Way I Roll

I haven't bought a new front tire for Johnny Dear yet. I had a can of FixAFlat in the garage and thought I'd just pump up  the tire one more time to cut the front yard. I propped a block of wood under the front of his frame to lift my buddy off the ground.  I discovered the valve stem had come out and was inside of the tire so pumping FixAFlat into it wasn't an option. Next I decided to just  take the tire off and go buy another one. They're not cheap but at least it was the smaller front tire which is cheaper than the huge rear ones. I tried for thirty minutes to get the snap ring off the axle when it all came back  to me how hard it is to do...been there done that.
I highly detest these little buggers. I tried needle nose pliers, then when I couldn't find a flat head screw driver I tried the tip of my little garden spade and a hammer. Then I tried the tip of a Kebob skewer along WITH the pliers. Still no movement. Then I called my buddy  at the tire store I use and asked how to get "that little horseshoe shaped flat ringy  thing" off so I could remove my flat tire? He asked if it had two small holes on either side and after wiping off all the grease and grime, said "Yep." He said it was  called a snap ring and there was a tool specifically designed to get them off. I countered with "Well wonder if I don't happen to have that particular tool?" Even though it was a phone call, I could just see  him shaking his head slowly and rubbing his temples. He told me I could TRY using a flat head screw driver but it wasn't easy to do and be careful because if it DOES come off it will shoot like a rocket.

Back to the garage I went, more determined than ever. I finally found a flat head screw driver in the back of Zach's car and forty five minutes later the snap ring literally shot across  the garage, hit the wall and rolled out into  the driveway. At least it didn't hit me in the face and at least I got it off and at least I  found it in the grass.

I headed up to the John Deere place and asked how much for a new tire? He said he sold every thing but tires and sent all his customers to B&L. Hey, That's MY tire dude! I didn't know he sold little bitty  tires too. Since I would have to take it there to be mounted anyway, it worked out for the best.  Extra bonus the two shops are less  than half a mile apart.

I walked in with my tire in hand all pumped up looking (unlike my little tire) simply because I had gotten it off all by  my little bitty ole self. He told me he would mount it for me and call when it was ready. He told me to go to Tractor Supply and buy snap ring pliers. He said they sold sets but to only buy the pliers. Off we (Massey was driving me in her car) went. Tractor Supply only sold the set which was $9.99.  That disappointed me but I'm here to tell you, it ain't easy getting those rings off and sometimes even harder getting them back on...been there done that too. The lady rang me up and handed my debit card to Massey. I didn't have my glasses with me and can't read those debit machines without them. We got back to the car, Massey looked at the receipt said "They only cost $5.38."

Not sure what happened but I felt lucky!

I came home and went ahead with my weed eating. My new sod is taking off like crazy and trimmed out around each patch. I trimmed around the island in the front yard and trimmed around the back door of the house where I recently blew out a dining room window pane. Now tomorrow all I have to do is cut the grass.

Got bad news about Tim's car today. The engine is blown. We couldn't catch a break if we were holding out a shrimpers net.

I went into work at  five, once again driven by Massey. About two hours into my shift finally realized how lucky we really are. A family came in. They've been coming in as long as I've worked there. A mom, her husband, their daughter and their granddaughter. The little girl is eleven and battling cancer. She's been bald since I've known her but always had on cute ribbons and hair bands. The last time I waited on them she was growing out beautiful peach fuzz and since then her hair has grown out to almost MY hair cut! Tonight she was bald again.

And I thought "We" couldn't catch a break.

About halfway through  the meal I said  to the little girl "Are you  going through another round or did you just decide you liked this hair cut better?" I added that she looked gorgeous either way but usually wore a bow. Her mom said "She decided  this round to go without the bow."

Here I thought my life is bad because my husband's out of work and we don't have a car. This eleven year old, precious child is battling for her life and I wanted to feel sorry  about mine?

Reality check noted.

This little girl shouldn't have a worry in the world. Instead her mom must  feel the weight of the world on her shoulders.

I have three healthy kids and a roof over my head. This small girl has nothing on her head but a reminder that she is sick...very sick.

Sometimes you need to quit whining and look around you. I have a pretty terrific life. I seriously doubt homeless people have a John Deere with a flat tire much less a car  with  a blown engine. I bet this little girl's momma would trade places with me in a New York minute.

Going to bed realizing yet once again how lucky I am. Sending a prayer up for  this little girl and sending a prayer up for myself to remember how truly and extraordinarily lucky I am.

It's making that twenty five bucks I'm having to pay for a copy of my birth  certificate  seem like small beans. It's making me realize millions of people don't even own a car much less have to replace one. It makes me realize that on a scale of one to ten I'm living at least a nine.

Massey asked me today what I wanted for my birthday? I told her I didn't want anything and  meant it. To go buy something would be ridiculous and a total waste of money. I have every thing I need. I have a family who loves me for some idiotic reason...because let's face it, I'm a goof ball and have friends who love me too. I have every  thing a person could want...everything else is gravy.

Some people have nothing. Some people have little and some people have loads to bear so much larger than mine that it not only humbles but inspires me.

In the grand scheme of things...I'm living on easy street!

Til next  time...COTTON

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