Saturday, July 6, 2013

At Least My New Sod Loves the Weather!

The rain has been insane these past few days. At least the dogs water bowls have stayed full out back! Today was much of the same;  hot and muggy or pouring from the heavens. I had to work at the furniture store today and it was pretty decent considering the weather. During a lull I walked next door to Academy Sports and checked out the dumpster. BINGO! Plenty more sod scraps right on top and it was one of those build out dumpsters that has really low sides. Looks like after working at the restaurant tomorrow I will go dumpster diving for the last few pieces I need to finish my yard. I was going to get  them today but it started pouring ten minutes before I got off and even I'm not THAT crazy.

Sold furniture like a boss  this week . Best week I've had so far and look forward to payday on Friday. I'm a lot more comfortable with the computer and financing system. I used to almost feel like persuading people not to finance because I was scared of  the details and process it involved. I've got the process down now and the minute peeps say they don't have enough money I heartily encourage them to finance finance finance!! It's a great tool to use  if you  can pay it off in ninety days. For ninety days it's interest free. After ninety days they start taking your children and charge you double. Well, they don't take your children but they do charge you  a hefty interest rate.

I had a sad week last week and it's gonna be tight til Friday but I got  a free pallet of sod and come Friday I'll be able to catch up  my bills and may even have enough to get  my dryer vent fixed!

I am determined in my belief that our glass is always half full!

After work I went and got Zach a Great American Cookie Company cake for his birthday. The dude I work with on Saturdays (who has no kids) said  just go to Walmart and get one. If Zach was turning twenty I may have but TWENTY ONE is a big milestone and he's really turned his life around, works forty plus hours a week and never asks for anything...well almost.

The guy at  the cookie place is a friend of Massey's and  originally told him to just write Happy Birthday on it but he said I should make it unique so we did.
One of Zach's best buddies is Latino not to mention a lot of the guys in the kitchen where he cooks and  has been dubbed "Flaco" meaning "Skinny" in Spanish.

Tim  drove  them all into Atlanta today  to tour  the Sweet Water brewery and  then Zach went to have a big  steak at Texas Roadhouse with his buddy who's girlfriend was the DD. (designated driver)

After picking up  the cookie cake I had to swing by Dollar General for another universal remote. Yes Ziggy chewed up another one and better be glad they only cost five bucks. Then a co worker was having a baby shower today and had promised to stop by. I picked her up a gift card for Target at Kroger. I'm skating on  thin ice til Friday so bought her a fifteen dollar gift card and ran by to give it to her.

She's  a big black beautiful woman and love her dearly but that's all I could afford. I walked in and looked like a tiny speck of salt in a big ole pepper party. About six months ago she asked me to buy a raffle ticket from her church. They were five bucks a piece and bought two. About three weeks later I asked her about it and she seemed shocked but  admitted she forgot  to get my  tickets.

I felt a lot better today  dropping off my paltry gift and told her it was only for fifteen dollars but add in the ten she owed me from the church  raffle and  it was a twenty five dollar present.

Came home, vacuumed the house and still have Flaco's  cookie cake waiting. I'm not a male but have raised two. At least he's being safe and the cookie cake will most probs  still be here. Don't expect him home tonight but know he's in good hands.

One more day of work and then have my wonderful, wonderful Monday off to look forward to.

Pizza rolls, here I come.  Watching some boob tube and peacing out for the night. I'm all into the Treyvon Martin case.

Here's my take on it.Treyvon Martin may not have been  the greatest kid on earth but did he deserve to be profiled , stalked and shot by a man who was told by not only the  homeowners association but repeatedly by police, Do NOT confront, do not approach when all the kid had on him was a hoodie, a bag of skittles and a can of iced tea?

If somebody pulled a gun on me you  damn straight I'd fight back.

Just kids have done wrong things but lucky  for me no one put a gun to their chest.

Til next time...COTTON

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