Friday, July 12, 2013

Yowza! What a Day

I worked in the yards from one until four today. It was a hot one. Took forever to cut my front yard having to strategically maneuver around the patches of sod I recently put down but dang they are taking root like crazy with all this recent rain.

Massey called and said she was on her way home from the beach.

I was beginning to think she had moved down there permanently and from  the looks of this picture she took, couldn't much blame her.

I couldn't cut my back yard because it takes forever  to dry out so I rode ole Johnny Dear up to the front of the subdivision to cut. (at least I get paid for THAT cut) Dressed in my usual cutting apparel... shorts, flip flops and bathing suit top; toting  two garbage bags for trash, my handy little picker upper tool and Mr. Weed Eater across my lap and a large Co-Cola Icee between my knees  looked like a landscaping version of the Beverly Hillbillies in their junky old truck.. I'm not big on worrying about my appearance, especially when cutting grass in eighty seven degree heat. The humidity made it brutally hot but cars whizzing past me doing fifty MPH almost felt like a breeze. I even got a few honks from passersby. I chose to think of it as flirtation when in all actuality was probably them  being irritated I was taking up six inches of their lane while I was cutting by  the street. Some peeps are nice and swing wide around me, some are a**holes and come close to hitting me and a few are just complete Richard Noggins and scare the crap out of me by honking when they come up behind me.   One hour later it was cut and I parked Johnny in the shade to start the weed eating, which takes twice as long. I love weed eating, it makes things look so nice and neat but  wears my bony arms out and still feel like I am running it three hours after I have cut it off and put it down.

Got through at  four and had to clock into work by  five. Of course I hadn't eaten so I hurried to have time to swing through a drive through with my free coupon for a Chic Fil A.  Go was "Cow Appreciation Day" and the place was swamped. I just went into work and asked my boss if I could have a cup of Pasta Fagioli soup and a salad? He said sure so I grabbed a salad  and scarfed it down before having my soup . I scored a side of roasted red potatoes from  the owner's son and he actually gave me part his smoothie when I told him I had been cutting grass all day and didn't eat, like a dummy. Then Barb had a nice filet later on  she let me have part of and before you knew it I felt normal, well as normal as goof balls like me ever feel.

Walked out a little before midnight but with a full belly and my buddy Franklin in my pocket.

Back to the furniture store in the morning but I get off at six. I have about twenty minutes of weed eating left at  the front of the subdivision and then I am done for this month.

My body is aching like it's breaking but all in all has been a tremendously successful week for me. As I finish this post,  have Ziggy  under the computer desk snuggling on top of my feet with  Charlie and Ham laying two feet behind me. They love their momma and their momma loves them for loving her!

Got a great story for tomorrow night's blog...stay tuned.

Til next  time...COTTON

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