Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sweating Like a Hoss and Selling Like a Boss

Can I load some furniture or what? Just kidding although I have squeezed some pretty big loads into some pretty small vehicles. It's amazing what you can do when you work on commission. I've strapped things on top of cars and I've wedged things into them. I've had people get in the passenger side seat and made them hold things in their lap.

Today started out slow. Had a few people meander through. One man came in and spent about  thirty minutes looking around. I spent some time with him but never hover over people unless  they act like they want me to. The lunch crowd came and went.

Massey  brought me lunch and after I loaded up three tables for a lady, strategically squeezing all three into her mini van,  we ate and settled on a nice comfy couch directly in front of three fans on high and read our books. She's on book one in the Game of Thrones and I was finishing up book four. She keeps a notebook with her to try and keep everyone straight and had some questions for me. By  now, I'm all about it and answered her questions. It's hard when you  first start reading the books because they skip around a lot. Massey left and I sat on  the couch and finished the fourth book.

Now what am I gonna do?

Not a  problem. I was pouting about not bringing book five with me to work on my stool by  the front door when the guy from this morning walked back in with his wife. BINGO!  I greeted him with "I see you  brought the boss back with you!"

Not even thirty minutes later I had sold them over $2,100.00 of furniture. They wanted to finance and have it delivered tomorrow. I gave them the application and told them what they needed to bring back with them. I was a little worried because I am off  tomorrow and didn't want to lose the sale so I worked them up  quote,  had all their info and pricing done and told them to bring it in tomorrow and the other manager would fax it to the finance company.

I returned to my stool to pout about not having my next book. I sat there about fifteen minutes when  my guy drove back up and got out of his car carrying a lot of paper work. He walked in and I said "Ready to do  this?"

He had all his paper work. Pay stubs, cancelled check, bank statement and form filled out. I faxed it all to the finance company and we sat and chatted (we had lots in common) while we waited. Thirty minutes later he was approved and we had a contract. BAM!

Not thirty minutes later a  woman walked in and in under fifteen minutes picked out $1,700.00 of furniture for her son. I worked her up  quote too and she's coming back tomorrow to purchase it.

Excellent day!

Sweated like a hoss but sold like a boss!

Side note... While it was slow today was cruising through Facebook on my phone. A high school friend of mine has been posting status after status about her goose who has been sick. When I read the first few it struck me that I had never known a person to love a duck so much.  She had been taking it to the vet almost daily. I thought, well "To each their own." Then noticed she posted that her goose had died. THEN I noticed her picture of goose. It was her pup! I messaged her and said I was a little slow, actually I said I was a doofus. I thought she has been talking bout a duck when she was talking about her pup. She has two pups, Goose and Maverick. Then I made the connection...Top Gun fan! I sent her a message apologizing for my stupidity  and telling her I knew from experience how hard it is to lose a pup.

This is the link I sent her. I hope it works is really touching. Dogs are truly man's (and woman's) best friend. I have three,  two are idiots and one is spectacular but blind. I love all three.

I still have a shift Saturday at  the furniture store to try and sell even more and will keep my fingers crossed.

Tomorrow is Massey's orientation at Georgia State University. It starts at  seven in the morning and ends around five. I wanted to go with her but Tim is out of work and I am scheduled to work at the restaurant. It doesn't make sense for me to take OFF work when Tim is OUT of work and can go. I know I disappointed Massey but am trying to do every thing I can for her to GO to college. I told her I would take her down there on Sunday and we would tool around and see everything.

A Momma's gotta do what a Momma's gotta do.

Massey simply said "You're a lot more fun." Way to go, make me feel even worse.

Tim came downstairs a few minutes ago while I was sitting here blogging , turned around to him and said Massey was disappointed I wasn't going tomorrow and instructed him to be as fun as he possibly could. The look I got wasn't pretty...MEN!

I'll take her down there Sunday and we'll tour every inch of the campus we can. She starts in less than a month and until then need to work every shift and every day that I can. I will be there when we finally take and move her in, will blubber like a baby when we leave her but until then I simply have to work all I can...and will.

She'll forgive me and years later even thank me.

Like my Momma told me when I was about fifteen, "The older you get the smarter I will seem."

Til next  time...COTTON

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kelly cotton said...

Guess you'll have to copy and paste the link about dogs...well worth it though.