Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lord It's Hot

Boy it was a hot one at work today. I usually don't cut the A/C on. Actually I didn't even know we had A/C until I went into work one day on my day off unexpectedly to get something I had forgotten and the other manager was chilling away. I got  him to  write down specific instructions on what breakers to flip so I could enjoy some cool air every once in a while too. I'm skinny as a rail and if I'm not loading furniture am fine sitting in front of a fan.

Today around three o'clock you could have wrung my face out and deep fried chicken with the grease. Hot flashes don't help either so when it gets brutal I flip the four obviously formerly secret breakers and cool down. It only takes about ten minutes to cool the building down and then I turn it off.

Had a visitor today, a woman who grew up in the house next door to us back in East Point. That would be the mid sixties.  She and her friend came by. They had gone to the restaurant where I work as well and one of the server's text me to ask if I was at  the furniture store? I told her I was and she said she would send my friend by.

I haven't seen this woman since the sixties but vividly remember her family living next  door to us.  A car pulled in out front and I was standing by  the door.  A woman got out of her car. She kinda sorta looked like she might maybe be my former neighbor so when she walked in I said all cheerily 'Hey  there Linda!'

She looked at me funny with her cell phone stuck  to her head and said her name was Pauline. So much for remembering faces!

It's crazy but when the real Linda walked in I immediately knew it was her. She brought two pictures she had of me and Cindy with her from  years and years ago.. I looked like a  fat baby in a dress  I do remember my Momma sewing with a little red bow taped  to the side of my extremely over sized head . I couldn't have been more than three in the picture.

This isn't the pic she brought of Cin but it's close. The girl had some chompers. Of course she ended up being the Homecoming Queen at the high school and probably the most loved girl to ever graduate RHS. (Now I'm just bragging)

How did  almost fifty years go by so quickly and where has the time gone? This is the house we all grew up in.

These are the wonderful parents who raised us.

These are the three kids they raised.

This was one happy family to grow up in. I am  lucky beyond belief to have had parents who were outstanding and lived a charmed childhood.

It makes taking all the challenges of my life today seem totally worth it.

Going to bed and getting up tomorrow to do it all again. I hope my own kid's feel lucky when they look back on their childhood years.

Til next time...COTTON, formerly but always a  LEACH.

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