Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Little Things

You know you're turning the financial corner when you stop at Publix for groceries.

When the kids were all younger and our life was hunky dory, always shopped at Publix. Their smooth rolling shopping carts reel you in from the jump. Nine times out of ten when at Walmart, I get a cart with that one wacky front wheel going all crazy. Drives me (even more) nuts. There's usually trash or fliers in them and occasionally a wadded up napkin with God knows what in it.


Guess saving money comes with a price...talk about irony!

I was all excited when my $7.99 coupon from Great Clips came in the mail...right on time. I love my short hair but always know when it starts looking perfect means in three more days it won't.

Maybe need to start putting on make up for these selfies I keep using. (not gonna happen)


Got really lucky on my third try here in Orlando at a Great Clips. Found two women who cut it just the way I like it. One woman works at the one off Alafaya, which is a road with traffic from hell. The other works at the one right up the road from us in the Publix shopping center. Checked in online and got seated immediately, another bonus. Gave her a 100% tip and walked out spending under sixteen dollars for muh new hurr do.

I got in the car to leave and decided "what the hey" let's go see what Publix has that I want.

The minute I pulled that cart out, they had me. Clean, empty and rolled smooth as silk. Every shelf stocked, wide aisles and friendly employees. I headed straight for the cereal aisle. Publix is the only store which sells my favorite cereal, Blueberry Morning. I bought two boxes. Every employee I passed spoke to me. I picked up some yummy looking artichoke, spinach, tomato and pepper quiche in the deli and took home two turkey subs for us to have for lunch.

I was truly living large!

I do miss Kroger (none in Florida) where prices were pretty good and could also gas up my car with my points.

Since we've moved here, have been shopping at Walmart. I'll have to give it to them, they have these smaller versions called "Neighborhood Market" which only sell grocery items and bonus points have gas stations too.

But nine out of ten people always leave their cart beside their car or shove it up onto the curb. That drives me nuts.

Yes is convenient to our tiny temp home and quite a bit cheaper but the selection of items pale in comparison.

I'm thinking it's time to move on up and switch back.

I'll still shop at the Neighborhood Market for the quick pick up item and gas, but here's my thing.

Over the almost past ten years, feel like I have paid my dues, (wo)manned up and kept on going even when feeling like hiding under a rock. I've pushed myself and luckily been encouraged to push with an amazing outpouring of love and support from family and friends.

I'm finally "Club Pub" worthy again.

It'll certainly make my hot flashes easier to take.

Baby steps.

Til next time...Hotton Cotton

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