Saturday, February 4, 2017

Contented And Getting There

So Sunday is the Super Bowl. Our (former) hometown Atlanta team is one of the two who made it to the dance. Last time the Falcons went to the big dance, they danced with two left feet and choked.

They seem a lot more dedicated, determined and not quite as cocky this year (just like I'm trying to be) so my money's on them this year.


I never bet on sporting events but took another server up on a ten dollar bet at work tonight.

He's one of my favorite co workers. Awesome guy, married father of four who owns and runs a landscaping business with his wife. Pretty sure he works this second job for gravy. You know, pull in some extra cash to do things as a couple without taking away from what it takes to raise your family.

He's as handsome as all get out.

I remember my first training shift. He introduced himself and shook my hand, telling me his name. I was confused because had already met another co worker with the same name.

His reply?

"Yeah, but I'm the good looking one" then smiled and laughed.

It took me almost two months before I finally realized who he reminded me of.

Dr. Peter Benton on the old show, ER.

Shave Dr. Benton's head, trade the doctor coat for a work apron and BAM...That's him.

He is one of the best servers I've ever met which says a lot considering have been doing this for almost four decades.

He's quiet, soft spoken but extremely knowledgeable, affable and makes your dining experience something to write home about.

Well maybe not home... but sure blows up our Yelp page on a semi daily basis.  He's ex military (another reason why respect him) ands been absolutely awesome to me since starting my new job.

Always willing to help and encourage me, right from the jump.

So if our Falcons happen to lose, which hope they don't...will feel okay about donating ten bucks to his gravy fund.

Working in the restaurant industry (as a lifer like me) means meeting a lot of people who you like but also means meeting a select few with who you bond.

Yep. I'm a Plate Slinger for my living but think am a pretty good one. For about two months maybe more, felt like the red headed, gray haired, wrinkled old step child but finally getting my groove back.

Sounds crazy to peeps who don't do it for a living but feel pretty good about how I have not only learned my new job but also strived every shift to learn even more.

You know what?

I like and admire my pseudo  Dr. Benton so much, would double down and give him twenty bucks if the Falcons lose.

Thank The Lord he doesn't know about my blog (yet) so will only be out ten quarters if the Falcons don't rise up.

It's been tough for me with this transistion to Orlando but also been pretty great meeting a few really awesome peeps.

I so got this now and feels pretty good.

Til next time...COTTON

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