Friday, February 10, 2017

Full Moon Overload

So tonight we had a full moon, lunar eclipse and meteor shower. Every server's most dreaded triple threat. People flat out act crazy during just a full moon. Throw in an eclipse and meteor shower and is simply just asking for trouble.

I guess The Big Guy thought I was due a break.

Granted it was busy as all get out. The bar was packed when I got there a little before five. By Six we were in a wait and I got slammed.

So did the kitchen.

I had one table of ten who two of, had to wait a hot minute for their sliders (we have off the chain sliders) but my manager took them off the bill and delivered them personally to the table when they were ready.

By this point was buried deep with three other tables (opening numerous bottles of wine) and so loud in the restaurant felt like I was screaming at my tables, who still had to lean forward to hear me... and trust me, I ain't quiet by any stretch of the imagination. It was wall to wall people (a good thing) but I was sweating like a fat man in a zipped up winter parka, being forced to dig a five foot hole with a tea spoon on the beach in the middle of July.

Here's the thing which amazed me.

My table of ten could have pitched a fit, but didn't. It took me some time to split up all the checks and they could have bitched about that too, but didn't. They actually left me a phenomenal tip and after apologizing to them several times, said they totally understood and would be back.

What the what?

What kind of full moon was this?

I quickly got back to bidness and waited on my other tables.

Once the restaurant started to empty a bit,  was in control once again. I even made it out the door before eleven o'clock with a fist full of dollars and renewed faith in people.

I'm not sure how it happened and not sure why I was so lucky...but was.

I'm going with the Karma thing.

I may not be (most certainly not) the best person on this earth but think am doing okay as a human. Yes I've had a tough time adjusting to this move and adjusting to a new job but think am finally getting my MoJo back.

MoJo's a good thing.

Til next time...COTTON

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