Sunday, February 12, 2017

It's A Two-Fur!

Today was Ole Jed's (my husband's) birthday. He turned fifty five to my soon to be turning fifty seven. It just snuck up on me. I remembered thinking about it last week and the week before that, but slipped my mind today. Massey came into the bedroom where I was still in bed around eleven this morning watching CNN and quietly said "You know it's dad's birthday, right?"

Tim was in the living room with her watching TV.

You have to say things quietly in our tiny house if you don't want someone else to hear you. We can hold conversations with each other in a normal speaking voice when in our separate bedrooms, and Massey's is on the other side of the house.

That's okay though, only six more months to go in our cinder block cracker box rental.

When Tim came back into our bedroom for something a few minutes later, told him "Happy Birthday!".

Now my job was done.

He doesn't mind, he's pretty easy going. Actually if he was any easier going he'd be in a coma.

I felt kind of bad, forgot to get him a card or a cake. Actually I entirely forgot about his birthday.

My bad.

But that's okay too.

During my stint at the airport job in Atlanta, raking in money hand over fist had given him more than excellent Birthday, Father's Day and Christmas gifts.

He was due an Oops.

On the other hand, once Massey reminded me it was Tim's birthday...remembered that he shares a birthday with my new Orlando Bestie.

 I've met some really nice people since moving here, but when I met this woman for the very first time... knew instantly and immediately that she'd make a pretty great friend. Her boyfriend is pretty awesome too and is always nice to make new close friends.

She's a Lifer Server like me.

The very first night she trained me at work, said the nicest thing I'd heard since moving to Florida. At the end of our shift together... turned to me and said "I think God sent you here for me".

I consider myself a pretty hard worker but she even puts me to shame.

Maybe, probably (most definitely) her OCD helps... but is one of the most honest, loving and hard working people I've ever met.

Bonus points, she likes me!

Extra bonus points...the girl can take some hits, make light of them and keep on rolling with the punches.

Case in point.

We left work one night about the same time. She was ahead of me but in the left lane. I was in the right. I noticed one of her tail lights was out so at the next red light beeped on my horn. She rolled her passenger side window down (cranking it by hand... in a car as new as mine) which also cracked me up. I told her about the light and she thanked me for telling her.

I didn't see her again for a few days but next time we worked together asked if she got her tail light fixed?

This woman could be a Clampett!

She said after I told her about the tail light she went over the bridge to turn left onto the highway going south, where I'd turned right before the bridge to go north.

She ran out out gas on the ramp. Said she couldn't believe it, had never run out of gas before. She called her boyfriend to come bring her some gas.

He did.

But by the time he got there, with her sitting in the car with lights and radio on...her battery was dead when she tried to start the car after putting the can of gas in.

Believe it or not, at least luckily he did have jumper cables with him. (probably bought them when he met her)

So she goes to get her tail light fixed the next day.

The next morning she wakes up to go to work.

Flat tire.

The list goes on and on with this woman. Trust can't make up all that goes wrong in her life, but is the most positive person I've ever met.

She is exactly the person I needed to meet at exactly the right time in my life.

Working with her is an absoulte joy.

We laugh together, we complain to each other and shake our heads together. Sometimes (a lot of the time) do a majority of the work together, but always have a good time doing it.

We're only six years apart in age but both thirty years older than most of the peeps we work with but somehow manage to work circles around most of them.

Go figure.

In other words, this Georgia Thelma has met her Orlando Louise.

Good friends are something extremely dear to have and hold, hard to find but will remain in your life forever.

And lucky for me, I've found another one.

Happy Birthday to my new friend, and Thank You for including me in that huge and wonderful heart of yours.

Once again, I'm blessed...COTTON

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