Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Being Nice Beats Being Nasty

Massey and I did some running around yesterday, paid a couple of bills then celebrated by shopping for ourselves. Well it didn't start out that way.

One of the bartenders where I work is a young single mother, who is cute as a button and always been extremely nice to me. Last week I had a picture of me posted on social media wearing my favorite tee shirt, given to me by a dear co worker back while working at the Atlanta airport.

She commented "Where'd you get that shirt... I want one!"

Can't blame her, it's an awesome shirt.

I bet I say those four words at least once a day...if not more.

So the next time I worked and she wasn't there, asked my manager to dig through employee files and let me know when her birthday was.

Bam! It was in less than a week.

How ironic. Out of fifty two weeks of the year, this was her birth week. It was meant for me to buy her that shirt.

I searched for it online but wouldn't be here in time so googled the tee shirt closest to me. Only one store within fifty miles of Orlando had it, with just three left. Massey and I headed up the highway with the GPS and found her the shirt. As long as we were doing something nice for someone else, rewarded ourselves as well. We indulged ourselves and I even bought a pair of Converse sneakers.

I haven't owned a pair of Converse sneakers since I was a kid, which would be 1960's. I was due a pair. You know what I like about them the most? Same shoe, only change was very cute and eclectic double tongues.

Here's the thing.

It didn't cost me a lot of money but knew (hoped) she would be thrilled to get it. It's an awesome tee shirt, soft as a baby's butt and get comments every time I wear it. (Thank you , Laura)

So I got on our handy dandy work app today and creeped on her schedule for this upcoming week. Today was the last day she was working until after her birthday.

It was the second day of my Staycation but Massey said she would ride with me to drop it off at the restaurant.

She (the soon to be birthday girl) was having her evaluation done with our bar manager when we stopped by but just swung by the table where they were talking and dropped off the gift bag.

Here's the another thing.

She was thrilled with her shirt; said it had made her day and don't think she was faking it. She came out of the booth and tightly hugged my neck, for a fifteen dollar tee shirt. The bar manager said, just as soon as she took the shirt out of the bag...

"Kelly, you are so much a Mom."

And I am. I just can't help it.

On the ride home, my daughter said "They love you at work because you love them."

She's right, and I'm right.

The more love you give the more love you get back.

Who doesn't  want that? (Huge DUH)

Shouldn't this be a natural knee jerk reaction for all of us?

Shoulda, coulda woulda.

What matters is that you wake up every day wanting to make another person's life better.

What comes around, goes around.

And trust me, does.

My gift is love.

Til next time...COTTON

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