Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Moving Up and On

Me and 'This' girl.

I'll never forget that day. Tooling down the back roads of Coweta County on a sunny afternoon in Georgia riding in my little convertible BMW.

Granted, I've been lucky.

She's never not wanted to hang out or be seen with me. A lot of moms (sadly) can't say that.

I love my two boys, but neither are huggers.

I'm a person who needs hugs.

I'm a person who needs to hear I'm doing okay...and Massey does that for me.

Time and time again.

People who have never met her and only know her through my Blog or social networking posts make comments to her. She always asks me who they are and how I know them?

I just tell her "If they love me, they love you."

I also have two sons, but boys don't need a momma like a girl (lucky for me) does.

My boys love me and I know that.

They both chime in about once a month. Excellent by "Man" standards.

But that Girl.

My girl...

is my bestie.

I got to work with her at the airport for over a year.  It was an awesome year.

She had the adventure of a lifetime and paid her own way through her third year of college.

I loved my bosses and they came to love Massey too.

Flash forward to moving to Orlando.

This girl.

Once again, she was my saving salvation. I stayed in bed for a week after learning I'd lost my airport job along with all my insurance and benefits.

That's the total package.

It's taken me almost four months but know now.

 I'm old and needed a crutch. No shame there either.

 Luckily I had one. A girl, a young lady now... who people seem to love almost as much as I do.

Kudos to you, Massey. Thanks for letting me be your mom.

Til next time...COTTON

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