Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Simply Me

For all my faults (and have more than a few) consider myself to be an okay person. I may not be the best person but am certainly not the worst. I may not be a great wife, but it's been close to thirty years now and he hasn't tried to kill me once. (that I know about)

I'm an okay mother. I'm certainly no June Cleaver or Carol Brady but no Mommy Dearest either and all three kids are still alive and kicking.

I'm a needy sister...just ask either of my Sib's.

Sometimes I wish I was a better wife, mother and Sib but that seems like an awful lot of pressure to me and pressure is one thing I'm not good at doing.

I think I'm okay with simply being me.

I guess my family's okay with it too, no body's jumped ship yet.

So if I'm not June, Carol or Joan...think the answer is as simple as me. Laughter makes everything better and easier to take.

There's a reason why I like Phyllis Diller and Granny Clampett so much.

I think they were both hysterical...

and both strong women. Perfect combination for me.

I find humor in most everything. It's my coping mechanism and has worked for almost fifty seven years.

Why change now?

So I'm not the perfect wife, mother or sibling but am a good person. We don't have a lot of money but have enough.

 What we do have plenty of, is love and have always had tons of laughter.

And these pictures don't begin to scratch the surface of our craziness. I wouldn't have my life turn out any other way for all the money in the world.

And luckily my family is strong enough to love me, with all my faults.

I think back to when Tim and I both lost our jobs and almost lost our home. It was hard to find anything to laugh about but we still did, just not as often.

Here we are... almost ten years later, doing almost as well as before that all happened and laughing a lot more. Tim's gone completely gray and I've gone completely skinny with twice as many wrinkles.

Still beats the alternative.

It's when you can't find anything to laugh about in life, that's when it's time to worry.

I guess it's the simple things which make life so wonderful.

We have an extremely wonderful life!

Luckiest crazy chick ever... COTTON

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