Friday, September 16, 2016

When The Downside Looks Even Better

Today makes twenty six years I've been married to Tim. Technically it's now yesterday  but work nights, stay up late and still consider it today until I go to sleep. Actually we didn't even talk to each other today. He did send me a text, but was about paperwork I needed to fill out and fax back to him for the rental house. How romantic...still playing hard to get after all this time.

I'm totally kidding.

I used to think I had a crazy life but the past month has proved me to be a total under estimator. Both us working full time and me way overtime while living in two different states, trying to coordinate the move and finalize plans has once again reassured me "I can throw some shit together."

It was impossible for us to find exactly the right house to buy with me here working and him there working. We wanted it to be everything we deserve and want to own for the rest of our lives. We decided to rent for one year and get settled into all being together again, look around together and choose together.

All I want to do for now is get through the next eight days (still working five of them) and end up the eighth one in my and Jed's own bed in a rental house in a new city... with all our kids under ten minutes away from us and each other.

 I'll probably never be able to retire in my early sixties but sure have come a long way in my fifties.

That's a good thing, right?

Til next time...COTTON

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