Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Home...For Now

Went to a debacle of an interview at MCO yesterday. Not sure who they were mad at but was certainly caught in the crossfire. Treated like a nobody when know I'm a somebody and somebody who has been a total asset to their company. (Not Fifth Group, they have always had my back).

Seems HMS thinks I'm a possible, maybe candidate to be considered to sling steaks at Outback. I just needed to wait thirty days to see if they want me.

Well, Eff them!

Took today off mentally. Stayed in my bedroom all day with the door locked. Thought about all that has happened and all that needs to happen.

I refuse to let this deter me. So they have great insurance. I prefer to be appreciated.

For almost three years I came in every shift except two, when had the flu.

I'm in Orlando now and have plenty of options other than you. Unfortunately Fifth Group Restaurants doesn't operate here but has given me the skills to succeed as a server.

I wouldn't work at the airport now for HMS if they paid me triple.

So what you're a global billion dollar corporation?

Shame on you for not taking care of an employee who has represented your brand well and done a more than excellent job.

Guess I know who my friends are now... and you obviously aren't one of them.

Sucking in my pride and putting my best foot forward. Fortunately have landed in a tourist mecca with no down time season.

Don't bother to call me back in thirty days to let me know  you've decided to hire me to sling steaks with plastic forks and knives.

I will have moved on and up.

Totally YOUR loss.


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LynneFtWorth said...

You Rock Kelly. You are 1 in a million in my book.