Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Dragging Towards The Finish Line

Between working and packing, my days and nights are wearing me slap out. Thanks to lots of help from Massey doing the packing as I's getting done. Nine more days left at work then five more days of finalizing the last few boxes then moving it all into a truck. Then all left will be a seven hour drive to Orlando with our three vehicles following behind with a dog in each car.

Piece of cake!

I am glad decided to extend my stay at work one more week. Busiest September we've ever had in the three summers I've been there. It's really padded our moving funds.

I went into work today feeling beat like a drum, with snare drum spasms going down my spine. I had two double espresso's and somehow powered through.

Here's the kicker.

I didn't even want to be there, had a mile long list of things I needed to do running through my head while feeling like an elephant was standing on my back.

My first table, some old dude with a much younger wife and ten year son in tow spent handsomely, were very low maintenance and left me an additional forty bucks. Second table was a couple who asked which bottle of cabernet would I recomend?

I was honest, told them we had a great wine list to choose from... so told them about our entry level cab, $36. I told them we also had a very nice mid priced cab from Napa Valley, $56. I also told them we had a fantastic complex cab from Alexander Valley that was by far our best, $84. They had two bottles of the best, ate like royalty and left me twenty extra on top of their forty added grautity.

Next table,  two British guys... ate like kings and left me thirty bucks extra.

And to think I actually thought about calling out today?

It wasn't even busy but God gave me the most excellent tables ever. Not one person ordered the dreaded sandwich and everyone was so pleasant I almost felt bad for feeling bummed about coming in at all.

No wonder God is my favorite Host!

I know most of my back ache comes from the stress I'm going through. I'm kinda freaked out right now... but if I concentrate can will my back muscles to relax. I do it every morning before getting out of bed and believe it or not, it works.

I'm bumping up that moving fund and even better, going out on top at Ecco.

I put my game face on with every single table tonight. I'd greet them and ask how they were doing? When they would respond and ask how I was doing as well would say "Great and thank you for asking."

It's little things when you're a server which mean the most.

It's going above and beyond. It's anticipating needs and making them happen flawlessly without the customer ever having to ask.

On second thought, maybe I am a rocket scientist.

I came home and lugged five more  packed boxes down from the third floor of the house. I'm going to my bedroom now to watch the boob tube for a minute and fold two baskets of laundry. Gotta keep that laundry going because everything else I own is packed away.

Another guy from HR came by work tonight. He told me was blown away by my recently uploaded resume for Orlando.

I got this.

We got this.

We deserve and will get this!

Posting with eight days now left to go at the Crazy House aka My Saving Salvation.

Not bragging, but think I will be missed. I certainly know I will miss it.

Til next time...COTTON

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