Monday, September 12, 2016

It's Almost My "86" Time

Anyone who's ever been in the military or worked in a restaurant knows what "86" means.

It can mean multiple things but the basic bottom line is always   "No More, Not Gonna Happen".

Just came home tonight from work which leaves nine more shifts, then will literally  be "86" at the  world's busiest crazy house aka world's best job ever.

Getting ready to move has been a much needed distraction. I work as hard if not harder when I'm at home these days but have made some major strides this past week. Every closet, drawer, cabinet and counter top has been emptied, purged then packed.

I've really worried about leaving the nicest house possible we could for our renter's.

Instead of brooding over my soon upcoming "86" status, will share with you how I (as my kids always say) can throw some shit together.

We're down to bare living essentials and can pack all that's left in three big boxes. Don't ask me how, other than the fact my daughter really got the moving ball going. I joined about a week later and is pretty much now a done deal. Everything is boxed and been toted out to the garage. The only things left in the house are beds and furniture.

I had an unexpected two days off in a row, highly unusual for me so started working on the house and yards instead. I got all the yards done but my upstairs shutters ruined it for me. They are twenty year old battered shutters which are crumbling in a few places.

You have to look close and am sure (hopeful) bothers me a lot more than my neighbors. I couldn't afford new shutters right now, maybe in a month or two but just wanted it to look pretty (although faux) when our renter's moved in.

I climbed onto the roof in 95 degree heat and covered each busted shutter from top to bottom with white Duct Tape.

It looked awesome...especially from the street.

Even both the kids said how good it looked.

Who's the bomb? I'm the bomb!

I stayed up until almost three getting things done and feeling accomplished. Massey poked her head into my bedroom around nine to say she and her brother were going to breakfast together. My six hour nap was about done away.

I heard the kitchen door shut then heard the garage door opening. Then I heard them back out of the driveway.

Then I got a text on my cell... rather a picture from the kids.

I was so irritated.

The overnight moisture had ruined (and made obvious) all my crafty hard work.

No worries, I had plenty more white Duct Tape left and a bottle of Gorilla Glue.

So I'm on the roof (again) putting up more tape but this time urging it to stick with dollops of Gorilla Glue.

Day three and still holding strong. Gorilla Glue is a puss looking foamy glob close up but totally invisible from the street.

That's my  kinda glue!

It'll be the last thing we pack.

I'll re wrap them several more times and before you know it should be thick enough to even paint!

I've learned one thing over the past decade.

Band Aids sure come in handy.

Til next time...COTTON

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