Friday, September 23, 2016

The Shit Show

Still don't know how we pulled it off. I spent half the day at the credit union, post office and court house. Two liens on my credit report which were satisfied and cancelled in 2013 but still showing on my report. Thank you, slow ass working government pencil pushers.

Got home by four and half the house was packed, thanks to Tim, Massey, Zach and a Lost Boy.

Seems I didn't purge enough and felt like we needed a dumpster but have crammed it all in a corner of the garage. We're moving into a small rental house for twelve months and can't take three floors of crap with you.

We stacked and condensed. It's all in a corner of the garage to be sorted through or taken with us in a month or two.

I got home from the courthouse to find the last of my clothes packed into the U-Haul. Guess I'll be wearing this outfit and underwear until us Clampetts unload at the rental house.

I expected nothing less and knew we were throwing our shit together and in a truck at the last minute...Cotton style.

It could be worse... way worse. We could still be broke and me kiting checks to keep the utilities on.

Instead we've packed up and thrown it all together in less than one day. The U-Haul is packed tighter than a sardine can and still have Zach's truck to throw more crap in.

Ham is riding with me in my car, Ziggy is riding with Tim in the big truck and Charlie is riding with either Massey or Zach.

I told Massey today, people with dogs move every day and so will we.

I'm already thinking will be another complete shit show but in true Cotton fashion will getter done one way or an other.

Pray for us, we're a mess.

Have been for ten years but good things are on our horizon and excited to find out what our future holds.

I'm hoping it's a free moving dude who wants to help unload all our crap.

All that's left is two laundry baskets of just washed clothes and what I can pack into three coolers from the fridge.

Yep, my life's def a shit show but at least I have one!

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