Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Clock's Ticking

I worked over sixty hours this past week. Woke up today, my day off and my back was hurting more than Donald Trump's hair do.

I went to lunch with my daughter and afterwards bought ten more plastic tubs to pack up more of our junk for the move, went back home and purged for what seems like the tenth time. I told Massey after thinking about what to keep and not to keep decided to go with "When in doubt toss it out".

My sister sent me a text that her husband was cooking gumbo and to come by for dinner.

We did some more packing then headed over around six. I took the above video when leaving her house. There's nothing sweeter than being out on country roads in Coweta County around sunset.

Well maybe there is.

We spent a couple of hours at my sister's house, walking around the place on a nice cool night...talking and laughing.

Massey, now twenty one has been swinging on this tire since the beginning of middle school.

The entire place is nothing but serenity.

We had a fabulous meal with all fresh veggies from their garden in a gumbo her husband made. We all laughed and talked, even looked through old high school yearbooks.

My sister's house has always been a place I love to visit. I'm determined to visit as much as I can in the next three weeks.

If we weren't moving on and up in such a luckily blessed way, would never leave here.

But we are and will be in less than a month's time.

I'm moving away from one sibling but to another.

We three have always been pretty close. The older we've gotten the closer we've become. It's a lot easier to be close when you don't all live in the same house and fight over what the other one's done or taken from your eight track collection or borrowed from your closet without returning. It was usually (always) me.

We lost momma in 1977 and diddy in 2002. But we at least still had each other.

And we still do.

You've got to be kidding me... literally as I type this post now sitting at my desk at this exact moment, this song comes on the radio.

I'll never forget after going back to work the very next day after my father's funeral. I was sitting in my car after a weepy shift. This song came immediately on the radio when I cranked the engine. I started to cry and asked God for a sign all would be okay. At that exact moment, driving through the parking lot of the Smoky Bones next door... a shooting star streaked across the sky. I went ahead and tried for reassurance. Is it really going to be okay? If so, I needed to know.

Just that like another shooting star darted across the sky.

I've never experienced such a cosmic moment as that one.

That's how I know everything will be okay now as well.

We're blessed and covered by The Big Guy upstairs.

That's all the insurance we need.

Til next time...COTTON

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