Thursday, September 29, 2016

This Too Shall Pass

So I've pretty much scratched off working at the Orlando airport from my list. I'm not sure what happened but have decided will be for the best. Nobody wants to work where they're not wanted, especially me.

Instead will always be grateful to have had the opportunity and and wonderful support from the ATL airport and simply just take my skinny old self back street side here in Orlando...and move on and up.

It hasn't been an easy transition for me but is what it is... a transition for us and the means to our end.

I've been pretty depressed since finding out I don't have a job waiting for me here, thought I would.

Not really sure why I'm depressed... didn't really want to work at Outback anyway, just wanted to keep all my insurance and benefits but seems they're gone now too.

After all we've been through and survived...that little chunk of cheese is moments away from us snatching it like a boss and need to remind myself of that.

I finally came out of my bedroom today around four in the afternoon. I think my brother was right when he told me last night to take some time for myself. I haven't done that in almost ten years but need to do it now.

It will be okay, we'll all be okay.

It's just something different, something we needed and had  to do.

Sometimes different is better.
Just takes some time to get used to it.

I've never been pretty unless awkward counts but always been a strong person.

I need that strength now more than ever. I may have to look through a lot of moving boxes to find it... but find it I will.

What doesn't kill you always makes you stronger.

It's a new adventure and is going to take some time for us all to adjust.

My biggest fault is patience and need to start working on that ASAP.

On the upside have our tiny temporary rental house looking like home in less than three days and finally starting to feel like myself again.

... A goofball.

Think I like being goofy.

Til next time...COTTON

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Christa said...

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