Wednesday, September 21, 2016

That's All Folks

The day I've been dreading and putting off time and time again has come and now gone. My employment at the Crazy House aka The Shit Show came to an abrupt halt late this afternoon when I handed my manager my security badge after clocking out for the very last time.

It couldn't have happened in a better way. Balls to the wall busy from the time we opened until the time I left, leaving no time for tears until the very end.

All three of my managers have expressed over and over again how much they appreciated and would miss my employment with Ecco. Makes an old girl feel proud.

Trust me, I already miss them, the job too and have only been gone two hours.

I took this picture from the parking deck on the way back to my car with four bags of gifts, food and cards in tow.

It's been an awesome three year flight to financial security and made many friendships along the way. I've met and waited on people from all over the globe and made friends with all the "little people" who make this huge airport a success.

I didn't openly weep until I hugged this girl for the last time. Come to think of it...may have been the first time I ever hugged her and feel ashamed that I haven't done it before.

It took us a minute to bond when I first started Ecco...she's a tough one, but so am I.

It was destined for us to become friends.

I thought my family had been through rough times, then I met her...Bitch Sister.

The name comes from me always (lovingly) calling the other girls  "sister bitch" at work. She got flustered one night at work when it was cray cray and called me "bitch sister" instead when trying to thank me for helping her.

It stuck...and the perfect nickname for her.

If you've ever been hugged by a big woman (when you're tiny like me) must know how awesome that feels.

I was surrounded by and with her love and it felt wonderful. She told me not to cry today... as we cried together.

She gave me a card and instructed me NOT to open it until I'd left.

I opened it on the shuttle bus ride back to the parking deck and cried like a baby in front of twelve people I've never met.

For the past three years I've worked like crazy at a crazy house with crazy people everywhere.

If younger could do it and be retired by fifty but I'm way over fifty and found this job too late.

Instead arrived late to the party and feel lucky to just escape with my body still somewhat intact.

I left my Hersey kisses in every drawer at every computer station for the other servers today before I left. I stopped by Kroger last night after work to buy a big bag.

I hope these peeps remember me. I hope these peeps have learned from me just as I have learned from them.

Good things happen to good people.

Be a good person and Karma will always have your back.

 This (now former) job came to me when sinking like the Titanic carrying tons of concrete aboard.

I stepped out of my comfortable broke zone and into a crazy zone without even a vehicle to drive to the job. I gave it my all and the job gave it all right back to me.

I have no regrets only thanks for my almost three year stint at The Crazy House, Do-Do Dome sometimes Shit Show. It has served me well and feel like I did a pretty bang up job on my part.

This may sound even  more stupid but oh so true, if you own dogs. My three dogs think I am their Daenerys.

My three kids think I am Hazel, although none of then know who she is.

At least I am famous to old people and young dogs.

Left the best job ever today and hoping to find it's equal in Orlando.

And I will.

I'm starting to think I am the person my dogs think I am.

Til next time...COTTON


Ana Barrera said...

You will be great and loved in ue next shit show! We love & miss you like crazy flaca! I will see you real soon!

Ana Barrera said...

You will be great and loved in ue next shit show! We love & miss you like crazy flaca! I will see you real soon!