Sunday, April 13, 2014

You Can't Fix Stupid

People never cease to amaze me and not always in a good way. Let me share with you a recent example.

Last Friday night I got off really early,which rarely ever happens. By the time the sun went completely down I was through with all my sidework, had cleaned all my tables and done my check out.

It would have been even better if I had a car and could simple walk out into the parking lot and drive home. I don't mean to complain, my co workers have been great about giving me rides and lucky for me a few go right by my subdivision on their way home. This particular night no one else was near to being off so being exhausted decided to call a cab. Let me point out after well over a year without a car this was the first time I've ever had to pay a cab so decided it was well worth it to be home before nine o'clock on a Friday.

I looked up the number in the phone book at work and lucky for me the guy said he could be there in five minutes. Guess they don't get real busy until all the drunks need a ride home.

I told him to pick me up behind the building and I'd be waiting by the curb. Sure enough five minutes later he pulled up in a minivan while I was talking to another co worker. As I walked over to it he rolled the passenger side window down and I told him one of his headlights was out. He said "Yeah, I know. You can ride in the front seat."

I looked back over my shoulder at my co worker who was chuckling and shouted "Shot Gun!" before climbing in next to the big burly looking old dude. He asked me where I was going and clicked the meter on.

He had a blue tooth in his ear and was chatting away with someone when another cell phone rang in his pocket. He retrieved it and spoke to them as well, then sent a text while turning right onto the busy By Pass.

He also had a Nextel Velcroed to the dashboard and within ten seconds it made that annoying chirp. He put the other cell down and started punching buttons on the Nextel as we cruised through the busy intersection at Lower Fayetteville Road.

I started thinking how many laws he was breaking and started to mention it, considering his headlight was out too but decided against.

For Pete's sake, this dude DRIVES for a living  not to mention usually has other people's lives in his hands or at least in his van.

Luckily by the time his cell on the seat beside him rang again we were safely on Poplar Road which is at least less populated. (by cars AND police)

He pulled into my drive way and said "I think I brought one of your boys home one time." I told him he probably did because my oldest son works at The Alamo (a local bar) on weekends and doesn't get off til around four in the morning.

TJ (my oldest) recently bought a motorcycle from somebody on the north side of Atlanta for $900. They brought in down in the back of a pick up truck, mainly because it doesn't run. He's planning on fixing it up with help from my next door husband's son but as of now it 's just sitting in my garage leaking oil onto the floor. Beside it sits a big box which came along with it containing both fenders, blinkers, back tail light and several more parts. Sounded like a horrible investment to me but what do I know?

As I gathered all my stuff from the floor of the Suicide Van to get out, the old dude said "Yeah he told me about his motorsickle (that's the way he pronounced it). I told him if it hadn't been so late I'd a like to crank that sucker up!"  I started to ask him if he was a magician too, because the motor cycle hasn't been cranked since it rolled out of the back of the truck that brought it. I went ahead and let that one slide.

Technology is great but sure has made for lots of stupid drivers. There's nothing that ticks me off more than have to beep at the car in front of me to get moving when the light turns green and they are looking down at their lap obviously texting or holding a cell to their ear. I also can't stand when people are yapping into their cell when a cashier is ringing them up.

I'm a server and can't tell you how many times a couple or even entire family sit down for dinner and all  stay on their devices the entire meal. People are losing touch with human socialization and seemingly prefer social networking. It's kind of sad if you ask me. Talking (one of my favorite things to do) seems to falling to the way side in these new modern times. Even if they have a toddler with them, they'll have an iPad to give the little kid. Pretty soon we'll all be Mutes or Mimes.

I will say I HAVE a cell but try not to do anything but answer it when driving. If I'm in a store I try not to be on it but if I am always hang up when I get to the register. I wonder how many irritated cashiers short change rude people too busy to get off their phone while checking out?

When I was a little kid I would never have imagined we'd be living like this today. Heck, when I was a kid even The Jetson's didn't have cell phones.

Next time you go into a store, bank, post office or sit down for a meal out, try talking to the people you are with or looking at. Trust me, that's why you have voice mail.

See, technology CAN be a good thing!

Til next time...COTTON

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