Sunday, April 20, 2014

The First Cut is the Deepest

Opened the restaurant this morning. Couldn't believe it but brunch went smooth as silk, especially for Easter. I took in a bag of grapes to munch on and Three Musketeers, Sweet Tarts and Robin's Eggs to push me through.

I got off a lot earlier than expected and by four was home changing into my grass cutting attire.
The above photo is from when I cut at the cemetery where my folks now preside but the outfit is always the same...Old Woman Suffering From Hot Flashes.

It's always tank top, ratty shorts and flip flops. Obviously I'm out to impress no one. I putted up to the front of the subdivision on my buddy, Johnny Dear with two trash bags and my nifty little picker upper thingy on a stick my boss at work bought me. It sure comes in handy and REALLY did today.

It was my first time cutting the entrance this year and was a hot mess. I spent an entire hour picking up trash. I filled two bags completely and that was just on one side of the street.

Here's the thing. Who throws an empty can of potted meat out a car window? I understand the drink cups and beer bottles and even fast food trash. Today I even picked up an empty Styrofoam tray you buy raw chicken in, a remote control minus the back , some electronic device I didn't even recognize and  two reflectors that line the center of the road. The baby food jar had me miffed as did the container take out Chinese food comes in. It's like someone was riding down the road feeding their baby and tossed the jar out when the little tyke got full. I've never eaten Chinese take out while driving but guess we do around these parts. I never came across any chop sticks but picked up at least five Skoal cans.

Country living at it's finest!

It's been raining in "Ark" proportions lately and the grass was really tall. After cutting the grass I found yet another bag full of trash. I only cut where I know I safely can and after several years of cutting the entrance to the subdivision know where the big rocks start (after breaking two blades on my mower) and where to use my weed eater instead.

It took me another hour to cut on my mower and then putted back to the house to deposit all the trash and get my weed eater.

The boys used the weed eater a few weeks ago cutting brush in the back yard but whadda ya know? It just "Suddenly quit working."

It worked fine last year when I used it but let one of your kids use something you value or need and they are sure to break it. I tried changing the spark plug and even changed the gas replacing it with a fresh gas/oil mix.

I decided to run to Walmart and pick up another one just in case I couldn't get the old one running.

I buy the cheapest ones, probably not a good idea but wanted to finish the entrance today since I had already budgeted what they pay me to do it into my weekly finances.

I spent twenty minutes trying to fire up the old one before ripping open the new box and introduced myself to my new Murray weed eater. At least it cranked on the first try.

By this point I was on hour three of my cutting expedition and ready to get it over with. I told myself I would get my next door husband to look at my old one later, see if he could fix it then sell it to somebody at work for thirty bucks.

It took me another hour to weed eat but Mr. Murray ran great. After finishing the weed eating I discovered even more trash.

Dang people are lazy. How hard is it to simply toss something in the back seat or floor board and throw into the trash when you stop or get home? Obviously extremely hard.

With my fourth full bag of trash I putted back to the house. I decided as long as ole Murray was hot I'd trim up my own front yard. I whacked away for another thirty minutes and by the time I parked Johnny back in the garage and lay Murray to rest my body was shaking and not from the vibration of the mower or weed eater.

So the first cut is the hardest. It doesn't help I'm a year older than when I cut the front last and certainly felt that extra year today but the front looks pretty stinking good now.

I'm glad spring has sprung. Working in yards is exhausting but extremely rewarding.  Every time I leave the subdivision after cutting I admire my handiwork and hope my neighbors do as well.

So I'm getting myself back into shape after a cold lazy winter. My body hurt when I finished but it's wonderful to think of how much better everything looks and lucky me, get to admire it every time I leave or come back home. Satisfaction is a wonderful ego booster.

The boys grilled out steaks my boss hand cut us while I was toiling away and even semi cleaned the kitchen. Tim took Massey and her roomie back to college while I finished cutting.

I have grass and mud between my toes and in my hair. My clothes are filthy but I feel great. I have a huge rib eye waiting and fresh sheets on my bed (thank you Tim).

Thinking this momma is done for the day.

As my buddy Dr. Seuss so eloquently put it

It was a great day, I'm whooped but in a good way. Everything checked off my list but a hot bath.

There's nothing better than spring. It makes you feel alive and inspires you to bud like the bulbs in your yard. It makes it all seem okay. You survived the winter, you made it through the cold and can now feel the warmth of spring and a feeling of  the wonderful blossoms to come.

This old body will be aching tomorrow, an ache that lets you know you're still kicking!

Til next time...COTTON Blossoms

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