Sunday, April 27, 2014

THAT'S The Way to Do It!

One of my favorite people got married this past weekend. She works with me and thanks to me everyone calls her Little Frenchy. She's originally from Montreal and all her family still live in Canada.

She asked me a while back to be her Matron of Honor. She has been engaged for about six or seven years but finally agreed to set a date. They are just the sweetest couple. He's from Florida and is where they first met. They now live here and she works at the restaurant with me. He's retired Army and a wonderful musician. They are riding Amtrack to New Orleans on their honeymoon and decided on a Madri Gras reception theme.

This is them first entering the reception after the ceremony:
She's so tiny she makes ME look big! She wore her mother's wedding dress from seventy five years ago and was simply beautiful, just like the bride. Sorry I turned my phone sideways but you get the drift.

Her (now) husband had friends of his play at the reception which made it even more special. They hired the chef we work for to cater. We had smoke salmon appetizers, stuffed mushrooms, hummus and pita bread followed by an entire sit down dinner featuring salads, bread, Salmon and Filet Mignon, pasta and vegetables. They had a full open bar with wonderful wines, twelve different beers, and cocktails to boot.

It was flat out one big PARTY! They had invited our entire family and unfortunately our oldest son was called into work but the other four of us went.

I was pretty nervous being the Matron of Honor. I've never been one before and dreaded walking down the aisle. The night before at the rehearsal the wedding coordinator had to tell me to walk more slowly twice.

Before I knew it the wedding was taking place and the coordinator gave me my que. I walked as slowly as I could with a nervous smile on my face. My daughter told me after the wedding that as I walked down the aisle her father leaned over and whispered "You know it's killing your mother to make herself walk slow." (and he was right)

I made it through the ceremony and breathed a sigh of relief. Now I could relax. Then began the most fun reception I've ever had the pleasure of attending. The live band was awesome, complete with disco ball! The food was amazing and the company was fantastic! Her family all came from Canada and were the most fun folks I've ever been around. My son Zach was taken with all the French language going on and introduced himself to all of them right off the bat. I haven't danced in years but sure enjoyed it. I couldn't believe even Zach was dancing! He's not really the type but was made to feel so welcome he jumped right on the party bus with us!

This is him with the bride's sister who was just cute as a button and really took a shine to Zach. She must be in her fifties but was so much fun and had the greatest personality. She even got Zach to wear one of the Mardi Gras masks he had refused to put on for us.  Zach even asked ME to dance! I was dancing with him when the sister saw us from across the room and put her hands on her hips looking at us shaking her head, marched right up and stole my partner. The smile on Zach's face made my heart sing. I haven't seen him laugh that much in a long long time. Believe it or not he even danced with his OWN sister as well.

My kids cleaned up pretty good and it made me happy to be doing something  with them all.

Massey picked out my dress and another co worker loaned me her pearls. Tim even remarked he hadn't had that much fun in a long time...and even danced with me! I can't remember the last time we danced together but am sure it was before we were married.

The groom's family was equally as warm and welcoming. That's his mom and dad dancing together behind us.

The groom even grabbed a sax and played as well. He's a great musician! Click on this link to see him really belting one out.

Even the owner's wife from the restaurant came by to check on how things were going. The band started up another song and she motioned to me to join her on the dance floor! We all danced and partied til almost eleven.

It was a wonderful evening with family, co workers, friends old and new.

I know this was supposed to be the happy couple's special day but sure was for ALL of us. I know they will be happy for years and years to come and appreciate them including us in one of best times any of us had in quite a while.

Never underestimate the value of a friend, good ones are hard to come by.

Til next time...Dancing COTTON!

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