Thursday, April 3, 2014

Luckiest of the Unlucky, That's Me!

So a dear friend of mine, actually the person who talked me into starting my blog contacted me after my sister came and painted my kitchen. She wanted to do some decorating and add a few finishing touches. At first I declined her offer. Number one, I'm easy to please and was thrilled with just the paint job. Number two, once I told my sister about the offer, big sis told me that in fact I DID need some finishing touches and to accept her offer!

This morning she came over a little before ten to get started. Tim was in the kitchen making us some breakfast and I bounced out the door to the garage to she if she needed help with anything.

I brought her into our kitchen, letting her go in the door first. She immediately turned around and asked if I wanted her to wait outside for Tim to put pants on or to just come on in? bad.

At least Tim had on a pair of his nicer boxer briefs. He went upstairs, shaking his head and we didn't see him again.

I was just excited to get things started! Then she told me I had to leave. She had everything planned, with her and wanted it all to be a surprise when she finished.

I had plenty of errands to run so left her in charge. Around noon I came back home and she met me in the driveway.

Needless to say I was thrilled with the additions!

She had even bought a quart of the paint my sister used so it all matched . We now have a chalkboard mounted on old shutters with a hook at the top and nifty basket attached to the bottom by bent spoons, she even brought us some chalk! The other wall decorations were wonderful too and now have a matching lampshade for my lamp! I have a cool Lazy Susan on my table with a silver pepper grinder.

She made new curtains to replace my seventeen year old ones and even mounted them with a cute black rod.
She had found a huge clothespin and added a magnet to the back to hang on our refrigerator for To Go menus!
She mounted a collection of plates, some china some silver and arranged them on the wall.
The kitchen looks fabulous and the more I looked the more I liked it!

Yep, we got us a big ole "C" over the nuclear wave too. And notice the cute statue she painted black to match!

So now my kitchen is absolutely awesome! I tried to give my friend some money for all she did but refused. It's a good thing since I was down to chump change.

When she first told me I had to leave so she could work her magic I told her I had plenty of errands to run and lotto tickets a customer (another dear friend) had left me to cash in. I told her it was a new game. They give you twelve numbers...if you hit them all you win $250,000. or if none of your numbers hit, you win!

I told her we were all about not hitting the numbers right so thought we had a pretty good chance! As I walked out the door she shouted "Come back a millionaire!"

I didn't come back a millionaire but came home to a pretty awesome kitchen and still have a pocket full of lotto tickets to cash in. So my first ticket didn't hit, no worries.

I seem to being having a great run of luck and can't wait to see what the other tickets may do. My friend/ customer also gave me free scratch offs, so wish me luck!

When my friend left today she hugged my neck and said she prays for Tim every day to find a job. Extra prayers are always good.

So we've been through a lot here but on the other hand have been blessed every step of our unfortunate way.

I'm thinking our time is coming...and just think how great my house will look when we throw a big party for Tim's new job!!

I am truly the luckiest unlucky person EVER!

Til next time...COTTON

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