Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Three Amazing Words..."Pay It Forward"

I got a message from a friend of mine wanting to meet up with me and asked if I was off On Tuesday? I told her no but to come by the restaurant and eat with me.

She came bopping in with her boyfriend and they ate at one of my tables. She also reads my blog so of course pretty much knew who every one there was!

I met Kim a few years back through a Facebook page my sister and I started for the church we attended when we were kids and then young adults. Kim was now a member and joined our page.

The above is a shot from the fifties. Both my parents and Aunt and Uncle are in it. It was a neighborhood church and from this picture quite obviously in a white neighborhood.

Today the church is still  true to the existing neighborhood and  is a racially diverse congregation, just like my friend and her boyfriend.

She's come down to eat at my sister's house with us and we have kept in touch. She came in today and I had the owner cook their meals. As usual, he rocked it and think they enjoyed it. The owners bought them dessert and I sent them packing with tons of leftovers. I ran her credit card but put a zero in the tip column, telling her it was my treat and no tip was necessary.

I introduced her to Barb (one of my bosses) on her way out the door. Kim told me I should play the lottery tonight and thought it was a joke about how unlucky I am. I had done a blog about that a few nights ago and guessed she had read it.

I went back to her table after they left and sitting under the bill was a big stack of lottery tickets with a sticky note on top reading "May you win the biggest tip EVER!! Kim and Matt".

Here's a girl who until recently rode the bus everywhere and didn't even own a car. She worked several jobs trying to land a full time position. She eventually got a car and a job. She sends me uplifting messages and always encourages me. She's a delight and feel lucky to have her in my corner and on my friend list.

I gave my boss, who takes care of me as if I was one of her kids a ticket. I gave the two girls working with me who give me rides home from work time and time again each a ticket. I didn't want to leave out the owner's husband (as Barb calls Len) one for cooking their dinner and buying their dessert.

It's all about Paying It Forward. My friend paid it forward to me and I paid it forward to ones who have helped me.

What a thoughtful thing for her to do!

I was all excited she was finally coming to the restaurant where I work (an hour's drive) and having Len make her food. I thought I was doing something nice for her not accepting a tip and turns out she once again one upped me!

Needless to say everyone at the restaurant was excited about a one time shot at ANYTHING and now know what a terrific girl my friend, Kim is!

Oh I have my stack in the kitchen on the counter! I had to bum another ride home from work but tomorrow morning will go get my "Luck On" at the local gas station before Tim takes the car to work.

It sounds silly but if people lived by the "Pay It Forward" rule, things would be wonderful and only continue to get better.

I am a firm believer in Karma and Pay It Forward, therefore know with sincerity everything will be okay for us.

My eye is almost healed and as I say, am down to "Car wreck" status. My back's flared up again but bought some Icy Hot patches and are working wonders.

Sometimes it's easy to get depressed about your life but have decided I don't like the easy way.

I have so many blessings it would take Rain Man to count them.

I'm a crazy loud mouth skinny woman with an excellent sense of humor (unless you ask my kids) and find laughter is truly the best medicine.

I have The Big Guy upstairs, family, friends and sometimes mere acquaintances who lift me up every day. When I feel down and out, I look up. When I think all is lost, I find something to hold on to. When I think I can't go on, I do. Sometimes I stumble but simply persevere and clumsily find the way.

My life's not pretty but it's MY life and am grateful for it. I am loved and hopefully others feel MY love.

If you don't give of yourself, why should you ever expect to receive anything?

Til next time, an extremely grateful COTTON.


Kim said...

Almost brought tears to my eyes. And the food was good too :)

kelly cotton said...

Love you girl!