Sunday, March 20, 2011

Super Moon, Super Weekend...Super Tired !

Just walked in the door from work . Went outside and took this picture of the "Super Moon."

What a weekend! Massey had to be at the school yesterday morning by 8AM for her big home competition. I worked ten shifts this past week so I could take all day Saturday and half a day Sunday off to finally be a "Guard Mom."

Not sure I did that great of a job but I sure had a great time trying!

I went by the restaurant and picked up 3 huge pans of baked Ziti and headed to the school. We hosted a competition for almost 40 Guards ...felt like 400.

Massey felt horrible with allergy problems and I assured her she only had to feel good for 4 minutes and 52 seconds, the length of their performance. Sweet "Nurse Becky" pumped her with Motrin and I went to help the other parents.

By noon it was Summertime and I was helping the "Fry Guy" outside of the gym with his six vats of propane heated 450 degree "Cardio-Oil."

That funnel cake fame will be the death of me!

I had worn blue jeans and felt like I was melting in the already 80 degree heat. I told Chris, who has his degree in "Fryology" and a couple of others that I would have worn shorts had I shaved my legs in the last six months, but it helped hold my thermal socks up during this brutal past winter. Between my hot flashes , outside temp and bubbling grease vats I said "Excuse me...I'll be right back" and screamed back to the house . Shaved my legs in two minutes and was back at the school in under 25 minutes wearing much needed shorts.

I cannot say enough nice things about the parents, aunts, uncles, grand parents and friends of this Guard family. Students that aren't even on the Guard come out and help. We all have one thing in common...We Love This Guard!

Tried to earn my "Guard Wings" this weekend...I think I left Sunday afternoon with a half of one wing so at least I can fly in a really small circle ... "A bird can't fly on one wing" but it can flap around a lot and make a Lot of noise.

That's Me!

If I had to describe my job definition this weekend it would be "Floating Go-Fer/ Suckered Chaperone."

I flitted around on my little half wing from concessions to hospitality room to fryers to sitting in the upper bleachers telling idiots to sit down during performances so the judges could see and critique the Guards.

Our JV performed and came in first...Varsity performed and came in second. Massey was upset she had a drop...Guards always are.

No one likes to drop but sometimes it just happens .

Our family suffered a HUGE drop a while back and Tim and I didn't like it one bit either. Sometimes a drop makes you realize how you take "not dropping" for granted and need to be prepared to try even harder when you do . Keep on giving it your all...and odds are you will succeed.

The competition ended around 9:00 and the second phase of my job responsibilities started.

Talk about a "Drop!"

I was the overnight chaperone for our Guard and we were all sleeping on the luxurious floor of the band room. Nothing says relaxation more after a long day than sleeping with 20 teens, a Wii Dance and other Guards staying close enough by to drop in.
I started off with two missing...found them and four hours later wished I was missing a heck of a lot more of them. (Totally kidding..."Kinda")
Cut the dance party off around 1Am. I am a night owl anyway so it didn't bother me.
What bothered me was when I tried to turn the lights off...they wouldn't turn off.
I wondered why earlier all the Guard that wanted to sleep dragged air mattresses into closets, the music library, the brass room, the Guard room ANY room but the band room.
One of Massey's BFF's had her mattress right next to mine and when she went to sleep had two blankets. One she wrapped totally around her head and eyes like she was being led to a guillotine or firing squad and the other she covered up with. I was thinking what kind of condition she could have to need to sleep that way when I discovered it was she was "Smarter than the average Bear."
I told the kids to turn the lights off and they replied "They ARE ."
Every other light or so was on. "SECURITY LIGHTS"
I tried every light switch..I tried every wall..I tried every THING. My air mattress was directly under one of the florescent lights. I felt like I was trying to go to sleep under interrogation. I finally took a tank top and tied it around my head and eyes.
My legs cramp sometimes ...heck, I'm almost fifty one and am falling apart all over the place. I finally drifted off after 2AM but was awakened hearing what sounded like a bunch of AFLAC ducks having a get together. It wasn't in the band room but close by enough to keep my blindfolded old woman self awake.
I finally decided it was the Guard next door and went in the hall to go to their room and give them a small piece of my small mind.
I opened the door to the hall and there sat two of OUR Guards with three of the Guards from the next classroom all sitting around yakking it up and keeping my old self awake.
I flipped. I took the tank top off my face and shouted "GET OUT OF THE HALL AND GO TO BED...We're trying to get some sleep here!" I guess I just meant me, because the rest of the Guard was sawing logs like no body's business...maybe That's what really woke me!
I went back to my mattress and tied back on my "Hanging Mask." They all skittered back to their respective rooms and I finally fell asleep.
At least we all survived .
We woke up Sunday and started it all over again. I went home and showered and went back for round three.
I flitted around again on a half a wing and helped out where they needed me.
My oldest son drove down to see Massey perform and didn't know what to expect. He has never seen a Guard competition. After they performed he said "That actually gave me chills."
Yes...they are THAT good.

Massey's Guard won first place!

It's a different world, this Guard world. I have missed a lot of it but this weekend gave it my best shot at "Being a Guard Mom."
Massey's Guard...ECHS Guard and the entire Guard family give me relief and satisfaction when I am with them. They make me laugh and I think I make them laugh. It is a win/win situation for me and definitely for Massey.

Next week is Nashville. I would kill to go but unless I hit the lottery it will have to wait til next year.

They give me motivation. Not just the Guard but the entire Guard family. They have helped my girl time after time, which has helped ME time after time.

My new motto is "GET IT !"

What a great lesson to learn...success and moving forward in life isn't going to come knocking at your door... you have to "GET IT."

So I'm a sucker as a chaperone...but now I "GET IT."

Better late than never...

Til next time "Gettin' it" COTTON

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