Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Best Worst Day of My Life

Today is the one year anniversary of me starting at the restaurant. It was the best worst day of my life. I was so deeply depressed after being fired from a job I had been at for over 13 years and was totally ashamed to even HAVE to seek employment. I wallowed in pity for a week , hoping my old place would call me back to work.

It didn't happen so I sucked in my pride and went to Mama Lucia's to talk to Barb about being hired. When I walked into the restaurant she said "I was looking for you last week." I told her I was looking for myself last week too.

That conversation was the beginning of the greatest thing to ever happen to me. My old restaurant was good to me for many years but when we fell on hard times and needed understanding and support... they turned a deaf corporate ear and kicked me out.

At the time I thought it was the worst thing to ever happen to me. I now know it was a blessing in disguise.

It has shown me what a blessing it is to be loved and cared about...loved and cared about by family, friends, employers and even strangers.

We were totally carried over the raging waters of the abyss and plopped on the other side.

The gratitude we have for all the love and generosity can never be fully repaid but will be forever remembered and continually paid forward.

We are still struggling for air but breathing easier every month. It's been a tremendous strain on my marriage but the fact that I am STILL married says a lot about our commitment to each other and to this marriage.

My brother and sister became my Father and Mother. Friends turned into sisters and brothers. Strangers turned into wonderful friends. My new employers became my champions...urging me on and helping me every step of the way.

The owner's are a family that I admire tremendously. They are living the American dream. They own their own business. It takes sweat, working long hours and endless dedication, but it is THEIRS.

They have welcomed me into their restaurant family and helped me out time and time again...LITERALLY.

I came into their company a broken person with no self confidence left. They have let me believe in myself again and have always believed in me.

The Guard Massey is on has been my "Perk."

Defined ... "To make or become cheerful or lively."

Crazy ...but being a part of HER Guard world has given me much satisfaction in MY world and they have all welcomed me knowing I owe money (Who don't I owe?) but as long as I contribute my limited time treat me as an equal.

I actually paid the Guard some money last night and it felt GREAT!

Being with them is my "Happy Time."

Tim is slowly moving up in his company...I am in a great place, we are destined to make a come back!

Today is the anniversary of "The Greatest Worst Thing to Ever Happen to Me."

I call that a "WIN."

I try to not be bitter about my last employer...but am.

As I ponder and think about all that has happened and all the good things that have occurred since my life spiraled out of control a year ago...I feel like sending my old company a Thank You note.

"Dear corporate...YOUR LOSS."

Til next time...Contented Cotton

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