Saturday, March 12, 2011


Went into work tonight a little down.

Massey's guard was competing at regional in Florida and I was competing in my 14th day in a row at work.

I've been sucked into this world of hers and have found my youth again.

It happened at just the right time in my life.

I have had a year, to remember to try to forget!
Not really...I had a year that God, family friends and strangers will make me remember to never forget.

All thrown in the mix was this silly Color I thought.
Practices are often and often long! Besides the dues there is always something...tights, shoes wind suits and Geisha make up.
Their last show that I worked was inspiring. They didn't come in first but in my opinion put on a first place show.
This weekend she had a regional in Florida that I couldn't attend. Crazy as I already am, I was crazy sick that I couldn't go.
Two dear relatives drove almost two hours to stand in for me....sit for me...hang around for me and be there for me when they won FIRST PLACE! They were there to hug Massey's neck and they were there for ME.
They were there to witness what I have...the hardest working bunch of teens pushed beyond what they feel are ridiculous limits and then "BAM"... rewarded with the satisfying feeling of victory and success.
Does it sound even crazier that a fifty year old woman is a nervous wreck all night at work waiting to hear how a "Guard" did?
Guess what?
Call me crazy but call ECHS Winter Guard record setting first place winners!!
It's all really is.
When the bad seems to take over your just means you aren't looking hard enough for the good.
Call me "Guard Mom Gone Broke" It's better than "Guard Mom Gives Up."
Sure makes that double shift tomorrow easier to take when you know how happy your kid is and how incredibly happy it makes you feel to know they are tickled pink!
So proud I could pop.
So tired I am pooped.
Working just six more days and I am spending my day off with the "Guard." Ironic, but I am looking forward to it.
Kids grow up in the blink of an eye. I'm gonna "In-Joy" my blink!

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Walter said...

You and especially Massey deserve it! and so much more.
Thank God for all the wonders of life.
Happy with you and for you,

Scott and Family