Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just a Glimpse...

Here's a glimpse of me "Resting my eyes" between shifts at the last competition...and what a glorious rest it was! I never knew how comfy a hard plastic bleacher in a gym could be even with Teddy the Tyrant booming out criticism and corrections. He sounded like a Sugar Plum to me and sent me into a thirty minute, much needed sweet coma. I chose the behind shot...the other one looked like an ninety year old woman sleeping in a hall of the nursing home unattended.

At least I still have a twenty year old "Booty."

The uniforms were ready for this past competition and looked FANTASTIC. They go great with the theme of the show.

Of course I chose Massey for the close least I know her mom doesn't mind me using her close up in my blog!

I used a few other kids to show the enormous size of the sets.

Behind the guard to the left is a pic of ONE of the four swing sets that are put up and taken down before and after each show in under two minutes.

In the background of this shot you can see three of the FIVE slides that are put together and taken down again as well.

It's incredible what these Props people do. It's also incredible that they were desperate enough to let me be part of the team!

It's even more incredible what this team of up and coming young adults can do when they put aside peer pressure, pettiness and pride.

They are a championship team, have been called that by judges and will always be champions to me.

When you are fifty like me and had some recent hard knocks, it's very comforting to still be able to remember AND experience those wonderful ( back then from dramatic to horrific) years and know that in a few more short ones YOUR child will realize the blink of an eye, high school will be over and end up being a tiny blip on the huge radar of life .

I am so lucky to have this wonderful connection to youth and be able to enjoy it with not only my daughter but 75 of MY closest friends.

Those four years did end up to be a blip...but in hindsight, it was a pretty FUN blip.

Where can I sign up for a "Do Over?"

Til next Time....COTTON

PS As always click on the pics for larger view...except for my Butt shot.

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