Friday, March 18, 2011

I Hope the "Sleepover" Involves Some Sleep

I'm not sure what I have gotten myself into...
Of course that is what I have said to myself on a daily basis for the past year and so far I have made it!
I crammed ten shifts into six days and have a day and a half off for Massey's home competition at her high school. I bullied my boss into donating his wonderful baked Ziti for the hospitality room. That's where all the Guard coaches sit around and get fat eating tons of food and cramming down brownies like it's their last meal on death row the day of execution.
I got off from my lunch shift in time to pick Massey up, go by and pay on Tim's car in the shop, buy her a Happy Meal and dump her off back at the school to help set up for the big competition this weekend. Stopped by my house (that looks like a commercial for DFACS removing children from an unfit home) and sat on my couch for ten minutes with my head back and eyes was the sweetest ten minutes of my life.
Screamed back to work in my "Next door husband's son's car" he graciously loaned me for the weekend and started my tenth shift. I am not sure if I still have feet on the end of my toothpick legs but managed to make it through another shift.
Screamed back to the high school in my loaned ride after my eleven hour shift (or maybe it was ME screaming) and picked Massey up.
I am not only working the competition tomorrow and Sunday but chaperoning the Guard while they spend the night on the luxurious floor of a classroom at the school.
I've always wanted to be a chaperone...well looks like I got my wish!
I've worked over a month straight with two days off and both days were spent at competitions...not really days off.
I have been SO sucked into this Guard world and crazy as it sounds almost look forward to being the chaperone.
We'll start out with Benadryl cocktails and work our way through "Truth or Dare."
Being with teens is invigorating and frustrating but always motivating. These kids have worked their butts off and are all "Champs" in my book. I am sure they will knock it out of the park this weekend and feel lucky that I will finally be there to see and experience it all.
For once I will be the one sending the texts. For once I will be the Mom that is there. For once I will be the Mom they hug first.
It will be my first sleep over in over forty years. Not expecting to get much sleep but excited to be an actual part of the Guard.
Finally earning that "Guard Mom" shirt I never bought.
I think earning it is more important than owning it!
Massey said I need to bring big marsh mellows...I think I need to bring a big pillow to put over my head.
This should be interesting and if nothing else...a GREAT blog!
Til next time...COTTON/Guard Mom (has a nice ring to it)

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