Monday, March 14, 2011

Excuse Me...My Age is Showing...

I haven't been on a plane or into the airport in over 18 years.
Jeez, times have changed. Massey flew into Hartsfield tonight after her Aunts that spoil her even" rottener" than I do put her in a first class seat and sent her home to me.
I left with plenty of time (I thought.) Her flight landed at 9:23. I left the house as soon as she sent me a text saying she had boarded.
I have a huge, so far unidentified oil leak in my car and currently put more oil in my car than gas. I stopped by Auto zone on the way home from work and dumped a quart in. Got home and added 2 more. Left for the airport and decided to pick up one more quart (just in case.)
I drive with the radio off so I can hear if my engine makes any funny noises or screams "Mommy...STOP!"
Fixing it is on my list of things to do but as long as I keep dumping oil in it and keep plenty of cat litter to sop up the "BP oil disaster on my garage floor" and drive with my fingers crossed I feel okay.
Made it to the airport with thirty minutes to spare. Found a parking spot close to the terminal and was amazed at how much the airport had grown since 1992.
I was bounced from one kiosk to the next. Finally I looked for the friendliest looking person wearing the right uniform and said "My daughter's plane just landed and I have no idea where to go."
I entered the security check point and realized why Massey's Aunt had said "Just don't bring your guns or knives."
I thought she was being funny but when I tried to walk through they instructed me to take off my belt, my jacket, shoes and empty all my pockets. Thank the Lord I left all my Crack at the house on the kitchen table next to my UZI and grenades (I like to call them centerpieces.)
I was devastated when they mentioned shoes.
When I got up this fifteen of my work week I pulled on the first pair of socks I found. They didn't match, except for the hole in both big toes.
Thank God the man in front of me was busy with his three full plastic tubs of crap to be scanned and the woman behind me was Asian and spoke no English at all.
I pulled my socks forward and tucked them under my toes .
Now I know why my Mother always said to wear clean underwear in case you were in an accident.
By this time Massey was texting she had landed and pulled up to the gate. I text her back..."Stay there."
I am a very paranoid Mom...that is what makes me a good Mom!
I could not imagine letting her go from concourse C to baggage claim alone...and her Aunt's told her just the same. "Wait for your Mom."
I have no desire to end up on Nancy Grace having her helmet non moving hair begging someone to bring my kid back.
The train stopped moving for a good five minutes and I was only at concourse B. I waited as others got off..they must have known a quicker route but I didn't.
As the train finally started again I got another text. I told her I was minutes away and NOT TO MOVE.
I half ran down concourse C looking for gate C-39.
I was at gate 35 when I spotted that bright purple ECHS letterman jacket with a cell phone stuck to her ear.
It was almost a Hallmark moment.
It's only been 3 days but when you are as close as Massey and I is a reunion.
The hug she gave me made me forget that an unknown man and an Asian woman had both seen that I not only had holes in both my socks but hadn't painted my toe nails either.
"Screw them" My girl is home!
So I don't fly much... Sue me.
At least I can find my girl in the busiest airport in the world.
She missed school today, but she missed Hawaii with the band this past summer. We'll call it even.
A great quote I read...
"We are all fixing what is broken. It is the task of a lifetime. We'll leave much unfinished for the next generation."
Massey is home.
Let's just start from there.
She had an incredible weekend with the Guard and her Aunts standing in for me... and survived all my paranoia.
I have said before..."If Life gets to be too much, maybe you aren't looking hard enough for the good parts."
That girl, my girl, from gates away made my heart sing.
They tend to kill us...all kids do.
I wish I could go back and give both my parents a GOLD medal...I am just working my way up to the Bronze status.
Going to buy new socks tomorrow...COTTON

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