Monday, April 5, 2010

More God Bubbles...

That's me in the middle and all my problems trying to crash the party.

The thing is, I am so surrounded by love and care that it makes it difficult NOT to smile. Massey and one of her best friends have a "God Bubble" theory (see past post). When you surround yourself with God you are in a God Bubble. When you do for others that Bubble grows bigger to encompass them as well. As you love more, the bubble continues to grow.

My family is currently floating like a HUGE God Bubble and there is no better place to be.

I got a lot done today before I went to work.

Made the rounds, Dept. of Labor...I'm not sure they understand the significance of needing unemployment insurance. I filed over two weeks ago and have yet to receive a payment. The lady told me it was still in the process stage and to wait another week and come back if I hadn't received a check. At least it hasn't been denied so I guess I may still get some help.

Next was DFACS...another office that I wait in line semi patiently to speak as quietly as I can to the clerk. Not that it should really matter, we're all there for the same reason. They needed "One more pay stub" and I finally found it on Saturday when I cleaned out the garage. I never saved my pay stubs because I never actually got a check. Not knowing my crappy manager was going to fire me I had thrown it in a trash can in the garage. Once DFACS needed it I was almost sure it was long gone but my God Bubble had left it for me to find and now THINK I have turned in all the paper work I need to get assistance.

Next to the post office to mail off the kid's insurance payment since it needs to be there "Yesterday." Massey was with me and once again the government kept up it's snail slow movement and it seemed to take forever to hear "Next in line."

There was an old codger behind us who turned around in line to strike up a conversation with the guy behind him.

I swear he sounded like he had a microphone in his hand. I didn't turn around to look, like the two women in front of me did. The stare Massey gave me inclined me to just stare straight ahead as I cracked up at what I was hearing.

First off, Mr. Microphone talked VERY loudly about how a stamp used to cost three cents and what are they doing with all that money anyway? Then he commented on the back room you could see."Lookit all them buggies filled with mail , how they know where its all supposed to go?'s a wonder my mail don't end up in China." He veered off into a one man conversation about a hotel that burned down in downtown Atlanta...Winecoff or something like (it IS cousin told me via email, Thanks, Neal) that and immediately started another thread of conversation about how his buddy could surely shoot some pool...never seen the likes of a man that could clear a table like he did.

I finally HAD to turn around, (with Massey GLARING at my back) and saw that this ole codger was speaking to a young Asian man that appeared to not understand one word that this old gentleman was saying but had a very pleasant look on his face which obviously encouraged the older man.

The older man's voice never got quieter or stopped...every person in that line (now 15 deep) was listening to this man and probably thinking the same thing I was...His wife probably sends him out on errands just to give her own ears a rest.

It was the highlight of my morning! I LOVE senior citizens, especially ones like this man. He is in his late eighties, no one has taken his driver's license away and "Dadgummit" he'll talk to whoever he wants to, whether they talk back or not! Massey commented on him having on old jeans and holes in the back of his shirt. I thought to myself he probably told his wife (at length) how he needed to change before he went out because you never know who you might run into or see or what could happen. She probably said "YOU LOOK FINE..just go on and get."

Then it was time to take Massey to practice and go home to get ready for work.

I had my very first busy night!!! I was so proud of myself. I faked what I didn't know, only had five tables and walked out with seventy dollars.

Came home from work to find one of my friends had stocked my cabinets and refrigerator with all kinds of groceries. They not only bring Massey home from practice for me...they bring home food to feed my family.

My God Bubble is BURSTING!!

I am back on the path but still have friends helping me make the climb much easier.

The smiles surely outweigh the frowns.

I am one lucky woman.

Til next time... ONE HAPPY COTTON

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