Sunday, April 4, 2010

He is Risen and I'm on the Rise

These pictures are from our Easter dinner at my sister's house. I had to work today (a good thing) and Tim had to work tonight (another good thing) so we all met this afternoon after I got off at my sister's old farm house to enjoy a beautiful day of sunshine and celebration of not only Easter's true meaning but the true meaning of family.

My family has dwindled down to me, my sister and my brother. Of course my sister is married with kids , I am married with kids but both of our parents are gone and our last grandparents have been gone since I was in my early twenties, the first set gone before I was born.

My brother is a bachelor...thank goodness! He spends all his money on me and my sister and our brood of kids. He is hands down their "Favorite" uncle and our favorite brother!

He told us today at dinner that he was being transferred back to Orlando. God bless him, he has to get away from us because he has helped us out so much I am surprised he doesn't use call blocking on our phone numbers. I asked him today if that was Orlando, Yemen he was transferring to? Didn't get a straight answer but I am pretty sure it is the Orlando in Florida.

My nephews were there, with their sweeties and my one nephew's sweetie brought her daughter(seen in the photos.) A precocious girl who at the age of six is a tiny adult with the heart of a child. She fit right in with our eclectic family and seemed to have a ball.

Our family is an unpretentious one, accepting and loving and always welcoming. Yes we are Liberals and proud of it. We don't beat our beliefs into other people...they are our beliefs, every one should have their own.

The day was filled with kiddie fun for Ava, and wonderful food and drink for all. I am so blessed to have such a loving family and would be six feet under by now without them.

Work is getting easier and I am feeling my confidence coming back to me as a server. I have been stressed out like I was performing brain surgery instead of serving a meal on a dish. I know it will take a while to dig out of the hole we have gotten in but at least now I have a shovel.

Between family, friends and my shovel I know now that we will be okay...eventually.

For most people Facebook is a social network, for me it has been a salvation. Friends have written me, encouraged and supported me ..emotionally mentally and financially. Without my FB friends I really don't think I would have made it this far...literally.

Besides being grateful first for God and his Son this Easter, I am grateful for more. On top of having a Saviour that gave his life for me I have friends, family and even strangers that have kept my family afloat and given me the will to keep going in the face of overwhelming adversity.

The top picture is me with my nephew "Apolo Ohno." I could have posted a picture of me with my other nephew but when you can pose with "Apolo" or the guy from "Napoleon Dynamite" I think that one's a given. Granted my other nephew is handsome as well but when he wears his glasses he DOES resemble ole "Napoleon."

The other pics are of me and my girl, Massey and one is of my sister with Massey and Ava. The other is a photo of my 17 year old looking like the teen age son in "Little Miss Sunshine." (Great movie...a must see)

Click on them all to see them up close...that is how I feel about my family in a nut shell..."UP CLOSE."

Til next time , hoping you all had a blessed and happy Easter... COTTON TAIL

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