Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One Day of Work and Another Day Off !!

After my last blog about my grass fire on my "John Dear" a friend sent me this picture of her father's mower after the same thing happened to him....except he had parked the mower under the back of their house and jumped on another mower to cut somewhere else. The mower caught the back of their house on fire and a passerby had to go tell them their house was on fire.
Needless to say I will hose off my mower after every cutting and keep my baby grass free.
Went to eat lunch at Mama Lucia's today with a regular from my old restaurant (which shall remain nameless to protect the ignorant) and a former co worker that is a dear friend of mine as well. We had a nice two hour lunch...Mozzarella Fritti for an appetizer....fresh mozzarella lightly breaded and sauteed in olive oil. Miss Donna and I each had Shrimp Scampi over Angel Hair pasta. She had cream of Tomato soup and I had a Caesar salad. My former co worker we'll call "Ole' Gert" had the Barbarella Salad...mixed greens with artichoke hearts, grilled eggplant, roasted red peppers and pecan encrusted goat cheese. I swear this place has some of the best food I have ever eaten and the portions are HUGE. I brought home half my scampi for Tim to eat when he got up and was stuffed.
When I got home it was time to get ready for work and was back at the store an hour later.
We have nightly specials that aren't on the menu and just to show you what a variety of things they are a couple of them from tonight:
Maryland Crab Cakes: Jumbo lump blue crab cakes sauteed in olive oil and served with broccoli and roasted red bliss potatoes.
Parmesan Encrusted Talapia: fresh talapia topped with herbs and parmesan then baked with diced roma tomatoes, lobster broth and cream sherry. Served over spinach.
I have found a new home in this place and eating all this good food will back up to my fighting weight of 105lbs before I know it.
My first table was four men, total bill $166.00 They left me a $32.00 tip. BINGO !!
I never dread going to work anymore and it is nice to be somewhere you are wanted.
Tomorrow I have another day off. It has been YEARS since I had two days off in a week and I am enjoying it immensely.
After taking the kids to school I am going to work in the yards(That's right Mrs. Walsh...private joke) and clean house. Mr. (slow)Lee and his wife are back in town so I can expect him to be leering at me over the bed of his truck once again. Zach pruned my Pear tree so I can cut underneath it now and the yards are looking good again. My Gladiolas, Irises and Lilies are all blooming and my Lenten roses are about to bloom. My Rose bush is loaded with buds and my little purple flowers (will have to ask Cin what they are) look ready to bloom as well.
It's kind of like my yard knows I am awake again and feel like I am blossoming so they are all joining me in a Spring time awakening.
I have started the task of writing Thank You notes to people that have helped us make it...I bought ten cards but should have listened to Massey and bought the 20 pack. It feels good to begin to pay it forward in some small way. It's nothing but a card but it is always nice to open something from the mailbox that doesn't require "immediate attention" or an amount due. Life seems to be blooming and booming for us and we are all incredibly grateful. This has not only been a life lesson for Tim and me but for my kids as well. They seem to understand now that money doesn't grow on trees and you need to count your blessings every day of your life.
Tim just left for work...BTW he LOVES his new job , feels like he has finally secured a job that he can move up in and make a career of.
Yes it is Spring time outside and it is Spring time in my heart and home.
Time to go snuggle with the pups in my bed while I write a few more Thank You notes. I tend to write a short story in each should see how long it takes me to do Christmas cards!
Every one enjoy this beautiful Spring favorite time of the year, especially THIS year !!
Til next time..."POPPIN' COTTON"
PS Have a hilarious story about work that I will post tomorrow...yeah, I'm "fittin' right in."

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