Friday, April 2, 2010

Advantages of a Family Owned Business

Needless to say this isn't a photo of the actual family I work for but you get the picture (small pun intended.)

It was my third night on my own. Thank the Lord is wasn't overly busy, I'm not ready to get blown away yet and the two table section I am running gives me enough time to try and learn the new system. I made a couple of goofs with the way I rang in orders but for the most part did okay. The problem is that I don't feel like a seasoned waitress starting in a new place, I feel like a new server starting in my FIRST restaurant.

Every one is tremendously helpful and nice. Tonight one of the specials was " Shrimp Madagascar" shrimp baked in a sauce of cream, green peppercorns, Pernod and green onions. Served with a side of risotto cakes.

Number one I had to ask what Pernod was (a French Anise flavored Liqueur) never heard of green peppercorns and I have never had risotto in my life. The owner went to the back and cooked me a dish of risotto that was AMAZING! Whereas rice is usually cooked with a lid on top, risotto... similar to rice is cooked with the lid off and absorbs all the liquid. With this special it was formed into cakes, fried and was delicious.

Number two another special was "Herb Encrusted Corvina." Fresh hand cut Corvina topped with a herb crust and baked in a brown butter sauce served with grilled Spring vegetables tossed in a basil garlic olive oil. My first question was "What the heck is Corvina?" Now I know it is a mild white fish from the Pacific caught off the coast of Mexico and the grilled vegetables were asparagus, yellow bell pepper, red bell pepper, zucchini, squash and red onion.
It's learning a different menu every night of the week. Like I don't have enough to learn...every server has to learn specials every night of the week, but that is part of what makes this an amazing restaurant.
I know I am worrying too shows on my face. Tonight the bartender came in the kitchen and asked who I was mad at. Gotta keep that "Mom is mad" look off my face!
The support the owners give the employees is a whole new world to this former "Corporate" girl. Once I get used to everything and feel more comfortable I know that I will be so glad to have this new job. The tips I have made are far above the average I made at the old place and if we can hang in there til I start making some dough...we should be okay.
Happy Easter to every one and please continue to pray for me and my family.
Til next time... COTTON

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Walter said...

You're making me HUNGRY! I have got to get down there to eat. Sounds wonderful!!