Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wedding Weekend

My nephew is getting married this weekend and couldn't happen at a better time. I need two days off in a row. Every shift is exhausting these days (in a good way) and the busy travel season hasn't even started yet.

My sister's younger son is marrying his beautiful Hawaiian princess and all of us couldn't be happier for them both.

He proposed to her on Christmas Day two years ago when were all at my brother's lake house in Orlando. It was so romantic. After we had all opened gifts he asked her to walk out on the dock with him. All of us knew what he was going to do and excitedly watched from the house. They stood on the end of the dock talking and holding hands while we all stared, mesmerized by their special moment. We were all wondering if he would go down on one knee when suddenly he turned to her, dropped to his knee and took the ring from his pocket. You could hear us (am sure) all screaming from inside the house. It was truly a magical moment and (bonus points) all got to share in it with them.

Both are avid softball players (how they met) and not sure which one's better...that's a tough call.

She's from Hawaii and beautiful from inside to out. He's pretty handsome too and make a great pair.

That's one thing both my sister's boys got totally right...choosing the perfect woman. Her other son, also a great ball player is more the artsy type and very talented in that field as well. He married one of the most talented women I've ever met. She can cut hair better than any stylist I've ever gone to even though she's never had any training. She designs and makes jewelry which looks better than what you'd find at a store and is the queen of  all things organic and herbal. She's an eclectic beauty. They married last August.

They are a match made in Retro Heaven and the ones renting our house when we move to Orlando.

So this upcoming weekend my other nephew is tying the knot with his own beauty. Griffin has always been the outspoken and goofy brother. Casey is the quiet thought provoking one. Both are excellent ball players and always been close brothers.

My sister was nice enough to also invite us to the rehearsal dinner so I get to take two days off in a row and not sure which thing excites me more (totally kidding) but certainly can use the rest from the crazy house (aka) airport.

They are getting married and also having the rehearsal dinner at The Veranda Bed and Breakfast in the quaint town of Senoia.

I'm totally pumped! Ordered me a dress from what's most probs a sweat shop in China (thanks and sorry, kids) for nine bucks and Massey bought me some cute shoes to match today while I was at work. The ones in this picture have a heel severely chewed on by Charlie, our bulldog (idiot) extraordinaire.

Tim's flying in early Saturday afternoon and us Clampetts will be there with bells on. He has to leave Sunday morning but at least will get to all be together for almost twenty four hours.

Jamie and Griff will be a stunning couple, always have been. They certainly rocked their last Halloween costume party!

Life is coming up roses for me at the tender age of fifty five plus and couldn't be happier about it.

I received the sweetest note from a blog reader today. It read:

Kelly, your blog inspires me. I enjoy reading it, you've had a rough few years and instead of feeling sorry for yourself and being a victim, you have fought and overcome. I'm so happy (and a bit jealous) that you get to move to Florida and have your entire family together. Thanks for being an inspiration to me.

How bout them apples for a compliment?

When things happen in life, is often for a reason. My "things" were and actually needed to happen. Tim and I sailed along through life for over twenty years without one hitch. We made well over six figures, had plenty in savings and not a care in the world.

Just as suddenly, Tim lost his job and we lived off our savings for over a year. Then the second shoe dropped and I lost my job. We hit rock bottom and then ended up under the rock. Then we sunk even lower. It seemed to go on forever.

But no matter how bad it got, we kept on keeping on and just as suddenly almost (literally) everyone we knew came to our rescue. My embarassment of our poverty lasted about a minute. The humility I learned  will last a lifetime and thanks to all, have survived.

Yes I'm pretty much a liberal and take plenty of hits for it but that's okay too, Tim's a staunch Republican so we even each other out. Yes there are plenty of peeps sucking the government teat and is appalling even to me but needs to be in place for people like us. Without government assistance as well would have lost our house and pretty sure would have been homeless. It's called checks and balances and needs to be a priority but with everything else going on the world  and corruption rampant on both sides of the aisle, politics is nothing but infighting at best and a total Catch 22. I feel lucky we survived at all, but survive we did and making huge strides we are!

The world isn't a perfect place, and I certainly don't live in a perfect country but do live in nation which takes care of their own, unfortunately along with millions of free loaders.

I've never considered myself a victim. I choose to consider myself and my family blessed to be loved.

Love is all you need...and that my friends, is so very true. You have to love the haters and feel empathy for their ignorance. You have to love others with their own opinions and agree to disagree.

You have to love.

We have been loved and am pretty sure is because we love as well.

Love is  all you need and doesn't cost one red cent to do.

I went into work today early and walked out (albeit late) tonight with more than I ever  made in a week at my last job. Trust me, I worked extremely hard for it and is actually quite hard to do, especially at the age of almost fifty six but am beyond grateful for the opportunity. There was one point I bet I had nine tables going at once but lucky for me everything synced... the kitchen, the hosts, the server assistants, the food runner and even the dishwashers. My managers are equally great and have never worked in such an insanely controlled environment of chaos. Of course I show up, on time and do everything expected of me and always attempt go above and beyond.

You get what you give. 

And I'm an all out person, especially when being handsomely paid to do so. And with that said, can take the next two days off to enjoy my family, my husband's quick visit home and the rehearsal dinner and wedding of my nephew. It's a family affair and one I look forward to immensely.

Growing up being one of the Leach clan was the best thing to ever happen to me. I know my parents smile down on us three sibs and happy we're such a tight group of numb nuts! We're crazy to be around and crazy about being around each other.

Love is ALL you need when you're one of us!

Can't wait to post pics and videos from this weekend, so stay tuned!

Til next time...COTTON

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