Friday, May 13, 2016

Still Getting Better

My husband called early yesterday morning from Orlando. I still always think for just a split second every time I hear his ring tone, if something bad happened.  I call that split second my  "Five Year Been There Done That" syndrome.

It's hard to shake but getting easier every day.

He'd called to say is getting another promotion! He's currently regional manager of deliveries over six cities surrounding Orlando. He's just been promoted to manager of deliveries over the entire state.

Now that's  what I'm talking about!

Shortly after this picture was taken a couple of years back, Tim loaded up and moved a thousand miles away from home and everyone he knew and loved to accept a better position with his company. His sentence lasted almost two years. He only came home three times, missed holidays and birthdays, Father's and Mother's days and missed the birth of our first grandchild.

The above is a picture we took at the airport before Tim flew out to Texas to visit the operation for the first time.

It was a big step for him to take and while a hard decision to make, was the right one for our family.

The thousand mile buffer also eased a lot of tension our marriage had gone through and gave us both some time to reflect.

Two Christmas' later he got to come home for three days and was a pretty relaxing visit.

I'm pretty sure am the cause of all his gray hair but at least still has a head full. I lost almost twenty pounds but he gained them so we'll call it even.

We battled from being almost six months behind on our mortgage to bringing it current and now only a few months away from the house being paid off in full.

I'd say that's well worth gray hair and our weight loss/gain factor. His promotion also comes with a substantial raise and will remain based in Orlando.

So the Clampetts are loading up the truck and moving to Orlandy! My daughter and I are going back down around my birthday at the end of July to decide which house to buy and putting the paperwork in motion.

I'm so happy for and proud of Tim (Jed) and all he's accomplished for our family. It's been a five year struggle for us all but mostly for him. He's always kept the faith that everything would be okay but know was a tremendous mental, psychological and personal hit on his confidence as the provider of our family.

I remember after Zachary was born, his first word was "Daddy". I couldn't get him to say Mama for the life of me. Tim finally said, "Well you are  pretty bossy...maybe he thinks he has two Daddys."

I have the most wonderfully eclectic family a person could ever have. All three of my kids are totally different from each other. My husband is my complete opposite in every imaginable way (and then some) yet we all love each another the same way.

My job is insanely busy right now. I'll be lucky if live long enough to even finish out these next four months. Number one, getting there is half the job. First I tool twenty five miles up the highway hoping there's no accidents or heavy traffic. Then have to find a spot to park in the international parking deck. After finally finding one and if lucky close to the elevator have to hike it to the shuttle bus. Then I have to wait until the driver feels like pulling off. Then when we get to the terminal, some drivers will go all the way down to D4 to let us off if it's crowded so then have to hike it all the way back to D1 where the security checkpoint is. Then after scanning my badge have to go all the way over to the TSA agent checking in  passengers and wait for them to look at my badge. Then I get somewhat of a break, I can duck under the rope and go through the line where flight crews go. Then veer right, back to the passenger line and say "Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me" while passengers are still trying to figure out what they need to take out of their bags (although signs indicate and are posted everywhere) then put my bag on the belt in front of theirs. Then once again I have to show my badge and go through a scanner. Then  have to wait for my bag to come out the other side and retrieve it. Then I have to hike it out of security and across the atrium, up the escalator and into the restaurant to clock in.

The entire process is exhausting and the reason I leave early for every shift. When leaving work, do it all again except for the security checkpoint. Bonus points, get to pay twelve bucks to get out of the parking lot.

I call it the Crazy House for a reason.

But this Crazy House has allowed me the opportunity to make more money than ever imagined I could, being a plate slinger.

Once at work, is a breeze... that is until flights are packed or delayed. Then the craziness starts again but at least is part of what I'm paid for doing.

I'm still a little worried about not having as good a job when I move but Tim's promotion has helped somewhat alleviate my apprehension. I've been socking away every penny I can and should have around three thousand dollars extra when time to move and should help even more.

The executive chef at work was talking to Massey the other night when she was a food runner by the expo window. Massey told him about me being nervous about not having a great job lined up in Orlando. Massey told me what he said and calmed my nerves even more. He said with my work experience, resume' and letter of reference from Fifth Group plus my personality would have no trouble at all finding a terrific job.

That's the kind of people I work for, with and have come to love.

I've simply decided not to worry until I have to and hope I don't!

Til next time...COTTON

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