Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Bad Day Only Lasts Twenty Four Hours

I woke up today and left the bad day I had where it belonged, yesterday and in the past. I went into work with a smile on my face, twenty minutes early and did it all again. It wasn't overly busy but turned out to be my night to be a winner. I was the closer and although had to stay until the bitter end was incredibly compensated.

Bonus points am off on Mother's Day, have the entire day to myself with a forecast meant to be spent in the yards and will. Both kids are working so will just be me and the three mutts.

Massey bought me a beautiful hummingbird feeder, spent an entire day running errands for me and gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Zach asked me what I wanted and after pondering am on the fence between a carpet cleaner or flooring for the living room. Either one would be great so will just let him choose.

After getting thoroughly pounded the last hour of work finally started my checkout around eleven fifteen. I've said many times before and can't say enough that am extremely blessed with the job I have. I make great money but also tip out a lot of money to support staff. On a good night can end up tipping out forty to fifty dollars. A few servers never tip out accordingly but trust me, aren't supported the way I and other honest servers are and don't blame them one bit for it.

Tonight I gave the bartender a thirteen dollar tip out and gave the server assistant a fifteen dollar tip out. I went to give the food runner her fifteen dollar tip out but held up her hand, said to keep it and have a Happy Mother's Day. Now that really made my night and warmed my heart.

What goes around comes around.

I think it's totally ridiculous and way far from being honest  for servers who sometimes make well over three hundred dollars in a single shift to not tip out accordingly to support staff who make eight dollars an hour and rely on tip out. The point they are misguidedly  missing is should help out the ones who help you make your money. If you're cheap and short them, will still help you but don't expect them to go that extra mile for you.

I ask any of my support staff for extra help or a favor and's done immediately with no questions asked. That goes for bartenders, cooks, food runners or server assistants and is the reason can make the phenomenal money I do.

I bring candy and treats with me to work, number one because I like the sugar rush while working but always share with the entire staff, from front of house to back of house. These are ones who help me make my money and is only fair to drag them down the unhealthy road with me. I can forget to ring in an order, go to expo and tell them I need it on the fly and BAM, it's done and at the table. I can go to the dishwasher and tell them we need silverware and is washed immediately.

Heck, I've even got shuttle bus drivers who pick me up at the parking deck and say "Get in, Candy Lady!"

I feel so incredibly blessed to be where we are now just from having  this job would be almost criminal not to pay it forward.

If you think of and respect others for what they do as well, nine times out of ten you will be blessed as well.

At the end of May I'll have twelve weeks left at the airport. It's a scary but exciting feeling.

Happy Mother's Day to me!

Til next time...COTTON

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